Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#4 - Of Course It's all about the Golf

11/19 # 4 of 27 holes today
Give Thanks for the Number 4
Aperture / GPA / Street

I could have included a picture of my 4 hybrid club since I was finally able to hit it today. These numbers under 18 seem kind of easy when I am golfing! Today since we walked all 27 holes, I did not have the DSLR with me and relied on my iPhone for today's picture. The picture to the left is our route on the golf course and I like that it is mostly straight, not too much military golf going on. 

We did did not start golfing until after 12 pm because of the weather. As it was, I was over dressed and took off a layer after the first hole. The wind was more of a factor than the temperature, and we walked the last nine because it is just warmer than being in a cart. We walked the Lakes course twice and then walked the River at the end. I wasn't sure if we would finish before dark since we started the last nine after 3:30 PM. For me, it was a great afternoon of golf, I think my husband would have liked a better putting day. The shot of me is after I hit my drive into a sand bunker and then used my 4 hybrid to get it on the green.  I may not be the most stylish golfer out there, but I had a great time!
We had an audience on the last hole!

11/14 to 11/18 Thankful to be Caught up!!!!

Thankful for the Quiet Times
11/14 Give Thanks for Quiet Times
Solitude / Relax / Quiet Spot

My quiet spot here with a book and cozy afghan. This morning I comfortably read a book and contemplated taking a nap until I realized that I had too many things to do today. (After I had already golfed 18 holes of course) I shot quite a few of the same scene focusing on different elements and ended up using the above photo taken with the 100 mm macro lens. I liked the combination of textures with the table, couch, afghan and pillows along with the cup of coffee and book that set the scene. The text was added with PSE10, I had the time to play with photos finally!

Pelican Landing
11/15 Give Thanks for the Beauty of Nature
Animals / Natural / Alive

Posting a picture like this makes me think of what I would be able to get for an animal shot in NH this week. Last Friday on the boat ride, I caught this shot just as the pelican landed and shook off the water. The pelican is graceful as it flies along the waves, but what a klutzy dive when they go in for a fish. When my friend K was here, the pelicans were her favorite birds and she was on the watch constantly for her favorite birds. 

Today on the golf course, I once again hit a ball within 10 feet of a sunning alligator. With the iPhone, I couldn't get close for the shot and wasn't happy with the photo. You can tell it's an alligator, but there too many shadows. 

Pelican with lightroom post processing using Eric Kim Porta Punch preset

Homemade Soup
11/16 Give Thanks for Home Cooking
Homemade / Family Recipe / From Scratch

I made this Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla soup in the crockpot last week and when my friend was here, it was good to come home after a busy day to a home cooked meal. I knew that my husband would like this recipe and made sure to save a batch of it for when he was here. We enjoyed it today after 36 holes of golf. It is a soup that I will make again and it is now pinned in my soup board on Pinterest. After a month of traveling, he is happy to have home cooked meals and we loved the pulled chicken that a friend, D sent home with me after a dinner eaten at her home here in Florida. Everyone is getting ready for holidays at home and cleaning out their refrigerators. The pulled chicken was also a crock pot recipe using a mccormick seasoning package, it made a great hot sandwich. Now I am on the lookout here for a small crockpot similar to what I have at home for leftovers. 

Baby Raccoons Missing their Mom
11/17 Give Thanks for Comfort
Cozy / Warmth / Content

I could be reaching for this prompt on the shot above, but it was a warm day yesterday and the 4 babies were lounging under a bush near the pool. The suggestion for this prompt was all about taking pictures of soup or soup cans, really? That was so yesterday for me and I decided that this shot of the baby raccoons needed to be in my Capturemy365 collection. Today the weather turned in the afternoon, and we were lucky to finish 36 holes of golf as we saw lightning in the distance while on the last hole and  the rain started when we were in the parking lot.
The 4 baby raccoons were seen the day before and luckily nobody here fed them and when there was no sight of their mother, neighbors worked on taking care of the babies. I know that the golf course has been trapping raccoons because of the damage they cause on the greens and one of the neighbors had their boat cushions torn apart so who knows where the mother ended up. When I saw them on Sunday, I googled the county wild life services and forwarded the link to a neighbor. Another neighbor ended up catching them with a blanket, gloves and cat carrier and all were brought safely to a wildlife animal hospital. I am thankful that we are in a community where people care about animals. It's a fine line when you know that the animals are going through the dumpsters at night, but when they are this close to the water they are going to become somebody's dinner. 

A few dolphin shots from this weekend, if you look closely at the top right picture, this dolphin is playing with his food. They were jumping but every time I went out with my camera, they would stop.

The End of the Stormy Weather
11/18 Give Thanks for The Final Stages
The End / Latest / Conclude

Today I got caught up with all the blog posts for the Captureyour365 photos that I took from 10/26 to today. The prompt for today was fitting and sure, I didn't know what the picture would be until we went out in the afternoon for a ride. This prompt suggestion was appropriate for me today, Prompts are meant to guide you, challenge you, and to get you to pick up the camera no matter what you shoot!" 

I did not bring my big camera but had the iPhone along with me to get this shot. When we were driving north on the main road, I could see the skies to the west and took a left. At the end of this street, I captured the end of the storm at the end of the day. With my DSLR, I would have been able to get the beams of light from the clouds, but I am happy with the composition of this shot. Compared to other parts of the country, I know that the weather here can't really be considered cold, however for Florida, 52 degrees with a wind chill to the 40s is very cold. It was a good day to stay inside and get caught up with my photography. 
It was also a good afternoon to stop by the local brewery and enjoy some Cocoa beach micro brews. Nice to have a laid back day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Catch Up 11/9 to 11/13

Different Perspective of Cruising
11/9 Give Thanks for Perspective
Viewpoint / Angle / Aspect

Today was rainy and we went down to the port for a late lunch. While there we went to the Exploration tower to watch the cruise ships head out. In between the showers, we went out on the balcony to take pictures. I thought this was an interesting angle of the ship sailing out with the white balcony in the foreground.

Spotlight on the Sky
11/10 Give Thanks for Interesting Display
Spotlight / Presentation / Exhibit

It was another cloudy day, but we made the most of it by kayaking for 5 miles in the morning and then a quick walk on the beach in the afternoon. It was my first time out on the river with a kayak that we borrowed from one of my neighbors. The water was rough out on the open river but calm enough within the channels to enjoy the scenery. 

Dressed warmly for kayaking
Quiet afternoon at the Beach

Family Visit Trip
11/11 Give Thanks for New Adventures
Details / Venture / Trip

Last week I went down to Lake Worth with my aunt and uncle to visit my parents and my aunt. We arrived to a delicious home cooked meal and then a trip to the local Faith Farm where there were bargains to be found. Unfortunately we were late for the bargains but we did get a couple of books and I got two dishes. It was fun to see where my Dad enjoys spending his time while he is in Florida. Since they are a little further south, it seems that they are getting warmer weather than us. 

Friends = Hands to Hold
11/12 Give Thanks for a Hand to Hold
Loved One / Grip / Together

Today, the sounds of young girls watching the dolphins gave me the opportunity for willing subjects. The three girls are all friends who hang out together after school in between all their activities and when I asked for a pose, they were quick to help out. When we are young, holding hands seems so natural but being able to count on helping hands as an adult equals friendship.

In the afternoon, I was invited to go along on a pontoon boat ride with neighbors. It was a beautiful afternoon and here is a shot of my favorite place in Cocoa Beach, the golf course.

11/8 Give Thanks for A Day on the Water

Great Light and Wind for Sailing
11/8 Give Thanks for Interesting Light
Shadows / Highlights / With a Flash

After looking at the forecast, my friend thought that today would be the day for renting a sailboat. We went over to Cape Canaveral and rented what we have nicknamed the "Ghetto" Bird, it wasn't the Free Bird that K had in NH, but it worked out well for our afternoon sail. After making sandwiches and a stop for some refreshments we went over to the marina where we took out a sail boat. The marina guy warned us about not sailing close to the shore to avoid going ashore and then told us that everyone gets stuck. If you do, the instructions were to just get out of the boat and push, that's how shallow the river can be. 

It was warm and we brought along the bluetooth speaker so we could l listen to sailing music, think Christopher Cross and similar soft rock music from the 70's. K has a go pro camera which takes fun videos and at some point when I get a lot of time, I hope to figure out iMovie to make a film of the day. It's a shame that the card was full on our way back in when I was motoring in while K was up front, where she was up close to a group of dolphins swimming in front of the boat alongside of us. 

Here is a short video taken while we were sailing.

11/7 Give Thanks for The Little Things

Surfing Details
11/7 Give Thanks for The Little Things
Special / Everyday/ Details

When new company is visiting us in Florida, we get do the touristy thing. Today was a busy day of doing the river boat tour to learn what those killer birds are called (again…Osprey), a ride to the pier for lunch and watch surfers then at the beach for the guest to swim since it was too cold for me, then evening golf. It's a busy day, but it gives me  the opportunity to be thankful for the everyday cool stuff that you can do here. 

Finishing the Day with late afternoon golf.

11/4 to 11/6 Capture Your365 Catch up

Jumping Dolphin- November Catch
11/4 Give Thanks for Movement
Exercise / Journey / Act

The dolphins were "frisky" this morning and I wish I had more time to just sit outside to take pictures. This was the best shot, taken with a zoom/telephoto lens, 250 mm, f/7.1, 1/250 sec. It was overcast so I had to set the iso to 400. Hoping that there will be some sunnier days for more action shots. 

It was funny that the prompt instructions were for running pictures since those days are gone for me. I think that having a DSLR camera when my youngest was running cross country would have driven him crazy. Easier now to get animals in action.

Where I Stand, Florida Style
11/5 Give Thanks For Where I Stand
This Day / The Present / Today

I love this prompt, always fun to see where everyone is standing. This was my "stance" this morning with my cup of coffee looking out over the river at our condo in Florida. Company left yesterday and I was off to visit my parents for the day, quick relaxation time, but no dolphins jumping. Thankful for my little spot of heaven and will miss it while it is rented this winter. Back to boots standing in snow!

Sea Shell at The Beach
11/ 6 Give Thanks for Mother Nature
Seasons / Scenery / Your Backyard

 I brought the macro lens to the beach today and took a lot of pictures, but I like all the textures in this shot. Not a scenic picture, but a close up of nature on the beach. In the evening we took a walk down to the beach in while the full moon was rising, we definitely enjoyed what Mother Nature provided today.

I love using the time-lapse option in the iPhone camera settings. This is of the sunrise in the morning. Some days are better than others. 

11/1 - 11/3- Catch up Continues

Reflections of Me
11/1 Give Thanks for Yourself
Me / Myself / I

Here is a photo of me, myself and a few others. I have a mirrored porch in our condo which overlooks the river. When you are sitting at the table, you can get a water-view from 3 sides. Today, I used the mirrors to my advantage and had fun with the shot ending up with multiple reflections. The tripod is much smaller than mine at home and limited to how high it can go. A seated version is what I ended up with since it has even more reflections in the glass top of the table. And yes, long sleeves in Florida today!  

November prompts are based on Thankful as a common theme. I am not sure why I would be thankful for myself, but I am thankful for being able to enjoy each day. Even if it means being awake for for every sunrise here, a view that never gets old. Now I just have to get caught up with all my blog posts, I will be posting as much as possible in the next two days, since it is unseasonably cold here!

Beach Walk
11/2 Give Thanks for the Sun to Light your Path
Walk / Guiding / Illuminated

The prompt instructions were to get a sun starburst through the trees and I just wasn't able to do that since I need the time to set up the shot and be in a spot where the sun is peeking through the trees. It was a chilly day at the beach, but we were warm sitting in the sun. We were the only ones on the beach until a group of three people sat behind us and thankfully were missing a part to their kite. Seriously? The only two people on the beach and you want to fly a kite near us? I had my air buds in listening to music, but my sister in law was in disbelief as she heard it all.

The sun was warm, even if the air wasn't

The Smell of Salt Air
11/3 Give Thanks for Good Scents
Aroma / Flavor / Scent

I love this shot of the lifeguard shack at the end of the path. We met up with a friend of my sister in law's and visited the Jetty Park in Canaveral. Another cool day, but warm enough to walk on the beach.  I took off the zoom lens to use the 18 - 55 kit lens for something different. 

10-22 to 10-31 - Why did I wait so long to update?

9 + 4 + 7 = 20
10/22 Photograph #20
Marker / Sign / Unit

While shopping for a bedspread, my friend and I were looking at the prints and frames when I saw these dice pasted to a board behind a frame. We thought our pictures would be a better choice versus the dice. I then added the dice, got 20, added again and got the same result. Here is my 20 for the day. If you look closely, there's my shadow.

Where I Stand On a Cold, Damp NH Day
10/23 Photograph Where I Stand
Look Down / No Socks / Patio

It was a cold and dreary day during a northeaster kind of day where yoga pants were the fashion statement for the day. I do like the contrast of my colorful new sneakers against the wet, brown oak leaves on my back deck.

Getting Ready for Halloween
10/24 Photograph Sweets
Treat / Candy / Confection

I wasn't home to hand out the Halloween candy so I got it all together for my son and husband to hand out. Of course I checked out the M&Ms to make sure they were okay. I had fun with some free fonts and graphics in photoshop elements to make this shot a little bit spookier.

Raking Fun (Off- Prompt)
10/25 Photograph Costumed
Garb / Guise / Style

True conversation: Me: "I don't remember raking last year, we must not have had a lot of leaves."Husband: " You weren't here, you were in Florida."
I am heading out tomorrow for Florida and leaving the leaves to my husband again if he decides to put the rake down and rake! I did do some raking last weekend, but thanks to the rain, there are more left for my husband. The exercise will be good for him and at least he makes it fun. I goes you could say he has style while raking.

True On The Road Selfie
10/26 Photograph Drive By
Pass By / On the Side / Outside

I was too busy driving to take photos outside the car and I thought this would be a fun picture for our road trip. The iPhone 6 takes great pictures and I have more than enough apps to edit the shots. My sister in law and I left Massachusetts at 5 AM and we were through 4 states already when we hit Delaware at 10:54 AM. We lucked out with great weather and excellent traffic conditions. We made it to Florence, South Carolina by 6:30 that night. 

 Savannah Visit
10/27 Photograph My Week
My Calendar / My Everyday / My Details

This week started with me on a road trip south. I guess to follow the theme for the day, I could have taken a picture of the dashboard of my car, but with all the colors of Savannah, why?
Today we are in Savannah where we enjoyed beautiful, warm weather and ice cream at Leopolds while touring the city. My son graduated from SCAD a year ago and it was fun to show my sister in law the sites and to get the best shrimp grits ever!!

Savannah Courtyard
10/28 Photograph Gray
Drab / Clouded / Dappled

In this gray carriage house behind the Sorrel Weed house in Savannah, there is a ghost, or so they say….
My son and I took the tour six years ago after we saw that this house had been on the Ghost Hunters show. Today, I took this shot of the gray carriage house through the fence. I just love all the different terraces, balconies and gardens throughout the historic district of Savannah. 

It was our last day here as we on the road again. Hopefully I will stop in Savannah again since I just can't stay away from all those praline samples along with the shrimp grits.

Spooky Cocktail Waitress
10/29 Photograph Spooky
Ghostly / Mysterious / Creepy

We spent the afternoon walking around the historic district of St. Augustine after checking into our Bed and Breakfast which overlooked the bay. And yes, we of course had a Martini at the Tiny Martini bar where we were staying. The next day we took the trolley tour after going in the oldest store of America. I have to admit, the store tour was very cool with some interesting, authentic items. We had too much to do to work out the ghost picture since today's prompt came with instructions for how to take a picture with a ghostly apparition and I would like to do that someday. For now this picture is spooky enough with some post processing to make it even spookier.  

Follow these steps to capture a ghost at your house:
  1. a tripod or solid surface
  2. shutter priority mode
  3. ISO 100
  4. shutter speed of 10 seconds
  5. have your subject get in place
  6. push the shutter
  7. after 5 seconds have your subject leave the frame
  8. the shutter will close after 5 more seconds
  9. check your results
 St. Augustine
Turkey Vulture
10/30 Photograph Raven
Bird / Omen / Pitch

I saw this prompt in the middle of the day and probably could have gotten a picture of a crow while golfing in the morning. This is the grossest bird I have ever seen on the beach here in Florida. I had to look it up on line to figure out that it was a Turkey Vulture. He was enjoying a bunch of fish heads that were on the beach. 

Ready for Halloween at the Condo
10/31 Photograph the Loot
Reward / Booty / Spoils

Halloween in Florida is different, there are no leaves rustling in the streets, people can go out as mermaids and not put on two more layers and it's a family night out. This Halloween fell on a Friday night where there was also a football game going on, so there weren't as many people out. On our walk home from my Aunt's we saw the neighbor's cat patiently waiting for more trick or treaters.   Two pictures of candy for Halloween from both my homes, can you tell what my favorite candy is?