Monday, December 08, 2014

12/7 Holiday Lights at Dusk

Holiday Lights at Dusk
12 /7 Photography Moonlit
Shimmering / Glistening / Radiant

This photo was taken out the kitchen window of the lights hanging on our porch. The colorful bokeh on the bottom is a reflection of the lights I have on our back sitting area overlooking the river. I did have some moon shots, but I like the color of sky in this photo.
Moon shots from porch window

Today after golfing in the morning, I procrastinated and read a book while waiting for the Patriot's game at night. I was easily distracted by the dolphins and thought that I would get some action shots, but they were just hanging out in the river catching fish and mocking me with occasional lame dives. 

I sat outside on the grass by the water and it was relaxing just watching the dolphins and the birds. It got windy in the afternoon, but that didn't stop the daily, afternoon bird gathering on the lines out front. Each afternoon, I feel like I am in an Alfred Hitchcock remake of the birds. I can hear the birds on the line and it's just like the movie. At least they aren't dive bombing. They are on the line for about 30 minutes and drink from the puddles and then they are gone.

I took another picture for the #mystillsundaycompetition on Instagram and included the bell picture in a simple holiday collage of pictures taken here.

12/6 Holiday Parade

Santa on a Firetruck
12/6  Photograph Giving
Gifts / Packgages / Donating

This was suppose to be a self-portrait for today's Captureyour365 prompt and I just went off-prompt since today had other better photo opportunities. I experienced my first Florida holiday parade where there were boats, stuffed alligators, candy thrown to children and a marching band on a float. It was unlike any other holiday parade that I have ever experienced up North. We had fun waiting for the parade to start and made "friends" with two 6th grade girls who shared their candy with us. 

After returning from the parade, I found out that my neighbor was Santa which made today's pick for picture of the day easier. One of the best floats was the local library float throwing out books to the kids, now that's a good way to get rid of the excess books! I love this photo and will use it at some point for a prompt. 
Starting a book at the parade.
All kinds of advertising going on at the parade.

Nothing says Christmas, more than Guinness?

Sunday, December 07, 2014

12/5 The Rocket Launch!

Orion Rocket Launch
12/5 Photograph On a Table
Set out / Decor / On Display

After three delays yesterday morning, the Orion rocket was go through our cloudy skies. We woke up to rain here on Cocoa Beach, but the weather was fine at Cape Canaveral. It was exciting to be here for the launch, history on display, the first step to a manned launch in the future to deep space. It's cool to hear the take off and feel the vibrations along with viewing it. The clouds cut off most of the view for us, and the videos on the NASA website were really good to watch to see even more of the action. Four hours after launch, Orion landed safely in the ocean. 
I took a break from golf today and swam laps in the community pool. It was funny to hear some of the senior citizens complain about the water being eighty degrees, I was okay with the temperature! I rode my bike down and then came back to prepare supper for the night. On the menu tonight, Spaghetti squash with chicken sausage, onions, peppers, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Another good meal! 

12/4 Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories- Choir Collection
12/4 Photograph Christmas Past
Memories / Heritage / Heirlooms

Before I came down to Florida, I had put up some of our Christmas decorations the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Just to make sure that I had some holiday photos for Captureyour365, I had read ahead on the prompts and took a couple of pictures that would work for the next two weeks, if needed. The picture above is one of the choir singers from my Mother-in-law's Byer Choice Caroler collections. I am not into collections, but kept this one for our Christmas display for a nice holiday family memory. My in-laws loved decorating for Christmas and this collection used to be displayed on the fireplace mantle each year. 

Today in Florida, everyone on the "Space Coast" was up early for the launch of the Orion launch, but it was delayed. It was a shame, because the sunrise was beautiful this morning. 

Alligators sunning on the River Golf Course

After a day of golf and food shopping, I went back over to my Aunt and Uncles's for leftovers and I brought over a Spicy Quinoa with Sweet Potatoes, a new recipe that I found at the Food network. It met the criteria for gluten free for me since I am in the process of cutting back on flour and sugar even though the recommendation was for me to try vegan, which won't happen for me. I am not that creative when it comes to substituting foods. I also brought over this fresh Winter Black Bean Salsa recipe that I had at my friend A's the other day that was so addicting. I added a whole jalapeƱo that I chopped in my mini chopper and this is a recipe that I will make often. 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

12/3 Creating Holiday Spirit Away From Home

 Creating Holiday Spirit Away from Home
12/3 Photography Construction
Put Together / Planning / Assembly

Back in Florida for our last vacation of the year to enjoy a Holiday boat parade next week. I brought these lights down thinking they would make a pretty decoration in an empty vase. However, I guess I should have looked at the length of the lights as 20 ft was too long for this vase. They ended up over the doorway out in our porch area and this picture below is the light's reflection in the outside window.

This morning I left at 5 AM and was glad that my husband was driving through the icy, snowy crap on the roads to get to the airport. I thought that it wouldn't be a full flight, but I underestimated the power of Disney at the holidays and there were at least 20 kids on the flight. I felt bad for the two guys who got stuck with a talkative 6 year old the whole flight, damn you mother for not completing the toy story download on his device! The Orlando flights are such a cluster since the families who get on near the end don't get seats together and then the stewardesses start asking customers to give up seats. Just because they spent $3000 to bring their family to the happiest place on earth and didn't pay an extra $13 for their plane ticket for early boarding, shouldn't be a problem for the rest of us. It's always an interesting flight! Just glad that I get from point A to point B and that I have ear buds to listen to music. 

Got to Florida and golfed with my Uncle for 18 holes where we took a cart. It was a perfect day to golf, not too hot, not too cool and a light breeze. My Aunt cooked a delicious dinner, using a new recipe, One-Pot Taco Casserole. Such a good, healthy and filling dinner, I found the recipe and have it pinned to my interest board. Then it was an early night to bed after such an early start. 

And for those who occasionally read this blog and have suggested that this become a crazy cat lady blog…..I leave you with this photo of Mini from the night before.