Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weekend Textures

Lily Pad  with kk-pinit11 at 27% opacity 

Free and Easy is the theme for Tuesday Textures, I get to pick what I want to use. This week, I am using three photos from this weekend. My aunt has flowers and garden stuff all around the yard with chairs to hang out and relax. Love this first shot with the welcome sign and the retro sumer lounge chairs ready to be used. I used a sun flare preset on lightroom for extra summery lighting.
Texture with kk_Edith at 100% opacity in Soft light

 It's been awhile since I have done the sketch/watercolor format from Ozcraps.com. This is a hanging plant on the walkway to the back door. This is a technique that I could spend hours playing around with but there are enough things going on in my life that I can go back to it occasionally. Even just posting this on the blog after working on it, I can see what I can improve.

kk-pinit11 used as the soft white paper background.

And here is the Lily Pad from above without a texture. I took this from a kayak, not an easy feat with waves pushing me into the flowers. I had to take a couple to get the two pictures that I liked.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Silhouettes and Garden Tools

Silhouetted Lake Side
7/26 Photograph In a Line
Shapes / Kids / Silhouetted

Garden Tools
7/27 Photograph the Right Tool
Hand Tool / Device / Gizmo

This weekend's prompts were easy enough to do on our trip to visit my aunt in Maine. Of course once I had my husband and aunt posing for the silhouette, they had to become dramatic. Marc had changed out the flag and I liked the silhouette from where I sat and from there it was easy to get the two of them posing. We had beautiful weather on Saturday with cool nights. There was a haze in the sky during the day that we think are from wildfires in other parts of the country, though nothing was said in the news. It made for an interesting sun set on the ride up.

I debated on whether or not to go with the poison Ivy/ cellulitis on my arm. After 24 hours of antibiotics it was angry looking on Friday and I wasn't sure if it was a good idea to leave that night or wait. But then I thought that the drive would be better on Friday then to get in with the big Saturday morning cottage change-over traffic. Yes, there is such a thing here in NH, especially in the Lakes region. We got up to Maine about 8 PM and was able to begin playing cards. It was nice to be computer free and we never put on the television. We played Kings in the Middle, Skipbo and taught my Aunt how to play the Golf Card game. 

Saturday morning, my husband went out early for a quick Kayak paddle and then I went out later in the morning. It was rough and we did not stay out long, with the tricky entry into the kayak and favoring my right arm, I tweaked my back. ( Or as the doctor said today, being a weekend warrior minus the stretching) No floating for me because I didn't want to get the arm wet and we just read all afternoon by the lake. It was very relaxing. More card games at night after sitting by the lake during sunset. The next morning, my husband went for a very long kayak paddle early since we had a line of storms heading our way. No boat traffic which made it easy for him. 

It was interesting being back in a place where I have taken so many photos after 7 months of a daily project, taking an online class, putting together an introduction class and just taking more pictures. It's easy on some levels, but then I know what it takes for a really good picture and it is frustrating! For example, Loons do not come close to people and without a longer lens, I wasn't happy with the shots I did get. But then I know that when I am kayaking and taking pictures that I have the ability to fix crooked horizons/land lines with Lightroom 5. Something that I figured out was that I need to work on exposure when there is lighter sky, I just don't get a lot of sky in my photos at home. 

I was able to get a beautiful picture of a hummingbird, unfortunately, even with an iso of 400 and shutter speed of 1/800 sec, the wings aren't "motionless". 

And because one of my two readers has requested more people photos, here are some more shots from our weekend in Maine.
Within the small islands, the water was calmer.
Photos around the Lake. Me with a new friend, a natural pin.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Line Up and Garden Fence

Collection of Olive Oil and Vinegar bottles
7/24 Photograph In A Jar
Contained / Lined Up / Treasures

Garden Fence
7/25 Photograph Chain Link Fence
Boundary / Connect / Hole

A collection of jars on Captureyour365 showed that many photographers save shells like we do. Some even had sand and titles. The collection of sea shells that I have here were the first thing that I photographed.  I really do like this picture, but wanted to practice with my flash and a group of bottles. The only thing that I could think of was my collection of olive oils and vinegars. I pulled them out of the cabinet and used those for today's picture. I must have some psychic skill because later on in the day when I was out doing errands, I came across a new store opening up in Concord that will be selling Olive Oils and Vinegars, just like the Cocoa store. I am excited, my husband, not so much…..

The poison ivy turned into cellulitis on my forearm and I went to the doctors. Glad I didn't golf on Wednesday, knew I had to be sick to skip golf and the antibiotics are working. They just make me feel tired after I take them. This morning the arm looks better, and now the itching of the poison ivy is the least of my problems. It's not a bad case of poison ivy and the doctor thinks that based on where it is that I got it from laundry, patting a dog or from someone else, not from working in the garden. Maybe my golf stuff? 

For today's picture, I wasn't going to go out today and stuck around the front yard for the picture. I like the front yard yard pictures from today better than the ones taken this past February. I used a couple of presets in lightroom 5 for lighting effects. Controlled chaos within the garden fence.

Mini discovered the hummingbirds today!