Friday, September 26, 2014

9/26 Street Scene

Early Morning Walk Street Scene
9/26 Photograph A Street View
Path / Highway / Landscape

Just another mile in my goal of walking 100 miles in 5 weeks. This morning we were out at 7 AM and our walk is off the main road because of all the back to school traffic. ( I don't miss those days!) It was a gorgeous morning and perfect light for a picture of the beginning of our hill climb. To show how good the camera app is on the phone, this photo has only been cropped, no other processing needed.  And I finally traded in my power sucking IPhone 4S for an iPhone 6. It is great to be able to use more than one application at a time without the battery dying. The camera is awesome and I am looking forward to having some fun with it. Maybe get a lens for it? 

iPhone shot of Lake Chocura

Using the Panoramic Feature of the iPhone 6

And now that I have more memory, that means more photo fun applications. This picture below is done with the Waterlogue app.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The First Photos of Autumn

September Sunset 
9/22 Photograph Goodbye
Farewell / Final / Seasons Changing

I hurried over to the Merrimack River hoping to get a shot of the sun setting with light reflecting off the capital, but I missed it. What little light there was had left by the time I got to the spot, there was not much of a sunset to be seen. This shot above is from my first sail at the beginning of September. It is a good representation of the seasons changing as this was taken after Labor Day and there are no other boats on the lake.

What I am Trying to Watch
9/23 Photograph Who
This One / That One / Which

The instructions for this prompt was to take a picture of a television screen. Who are you watching? Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, it's ridiculous with a good ensemble, just a fun show. I had not caught the first season and started watching after it started winning Emmys. I wanted to see what it was all about. Now I just watch rerun after rerun and was looking forward to new season, I was not disappointed last night. 
1% Milk- Getting my Calcium
9/24 Photograph The Number One
Prize / On a Sign / First

This prompt was a tough one trying to find the number one. When I add my snack in the afternoon, I noticed the #1 on the milk and I set up the shot. I used the macro lens at a higher aperture to get more detail. Back to counting calories and logging on MyFitnessPal which means I get to my nutritional values for the day. Calcium is lacking and besides a multivitamin pill, I try to get a glass of milk in during the day. 

 Morning Lake Mist
9/25 Photograph Morning Light
Dawn / Daybreak / Sunrise

Today was my annual foliage ride up to the White Mountains with my friend T where we take foliage pictures and then go over to my aunt's cottage in Maine. We help her put away the outdoor furniture and then enjoy lunch. Before I even saw the prompt for today, I had asked T to come over early to get an early start to our drive and to perhaps get some early morning shots on our ride. There were no daybreak shots because it was foggy in our part of the state.

We hit the jackpot when we got to Lake Chocura where the mountain was rising above the mist with the reflections on the water of the sky, mountain and foliage. We had to take quick shots because the mist was burning off.

Turned out to be a perfect picture for the day and we got a bunch of great shots. Since we went up a week earlier than we have gone up in the past, the foliage wasn't very good. Although on the west side of the Kancamagus highway, we did stop to get a couple of foliage shots that had some pop to it. Nothing like last year though, but at least this year's photo field trip will be remembered for the morning mist shots.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

9/15 - 9/21 September Catch Up

Changes In The Garden
9/15 Photograph Changes
Transformation / Adjustment / Modify

The prompt for today's photo was to capture shadows from changing plants in a garden. I caught everything that was mentioned in the prompt's directions including a bit of the plants and leading lines and curves. I came home tired looking plants. 

Such Pitiful, Needy Eyes
9/16 Photograph The Eyes
Expressive / Windows / With Character

Forget pitiful and needy, just call this cat pathetic. They missed us and every time I sat down, there was a cat either next to me or on me. This picture was taken with my iPad and what you can't see is the cat up by my right shoulder. However, this is the prettiest of them all and Stash gets the picture for the day.

Glass Circles
9/17 Photograph A Circle
Bowl / Sphere / Ring

I guess I didn't follow the directions exactly and take a picture of a bowl or a ring, however, these glass marbles were being cleaned were round. After drying the marbles, I used a white poster board for a background and took this picture on the back porch. The white squares in the marbles are the reflections of the windows. 

Just a Bit of Blossoms Left in The Garden
9/18 Photograph Between
Time / Amidst / In the Middle

These flowers were initially planted on the edge of the walkway by the door but were too tall and droopy. They were replanted last fall and I was happy to see them flourishing with the corner of the fence. A support was needed since they grow up to four feet tall. The other option for today's photo was this leaf in the grass, but the leaves of Fall will be here for awhile and I just wanted to enjoy the flowers while I can.

Where I stand - By the Campfire
9/19 Photograph Where I Stand
Stance / View / From Above

Here is the monthly Where I stand Photo, I was unable to take it from above, but I did work at getting a a shot with somebody else's feet. We had a campfire on Friday night and it was cold enough that we were all huddled around the fire. I would like to work on getting a better shot and use a flash next time.

Pond Reflection
9/20 Photograph Reflection
Image / Replication / Likeness

On Saturday I brought my camera along during our errands with the plan to stop by the river to get a good reflection shot. The skies were overcast and there was wind making a large reflection shot difficult to get. I did get the shot below with the leaves and the shadows, but wanted a larger photo for interest. After our errands we came home and went to a walk out back by the pond where I got this photo. I like this shot with the colors of the trees reflected in the calm pond. 

Family Time
9/21 Photograph Hold On
Embrace / Live / Cling

I admit, this is a slightly posed shot in that I asked my son and husband to take a minute to look at our golf score card for the day. The directions for the day's photo was to catch a family moment from behind. Not enough opportunities for that today as my husband and I golfed in a member-guest tournament with friends. ( We came in first out of three teams….) This doesn't look too posed and I did catch a family moment!

Catch up 9/8 - 9/14

Single Sea Gull
9/8 Photograph Single
Individual / Lone / Isolated

Call me crazy, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the year. I like the lighting with the textures of the sand and seaweed along with the monochromatic feel of it. I processed it in lightroom for more contrast, but kept it with color.  We had gone to the beach where the water was just as warm as the air, the only difference being that the water was wet. We did not stay long, but while there, I dropped a cherry tomato in the sand and then threw it to the sea gulls. I will be known by the seagulls as the jerk who ate healthy at the beach. 

Reading and Working
9/9 Photograph Reading
Learning / Book / Education

The suggestion for this prompt was to take a picture of a daily ritual that tells a story. Here's my story of how my husband works while in Florida, no expense spared for the outfit. Not the easiest picture to take with all that light in front of him, Such a terrible problem, right? Not as many dolphins when it is this hot, so he didn't have as many distractions.

Feather Left Behind on the Golf Course
9/10 Photograph Discarded
Left Behind / Deserted / Junked

Initially I had a colorful golf tee left by the tee box, but this feather than caught my eye with the colors. I can't even guess what kind of bird it could have been.

Evening Flag
9/11 Photograph Contemplate
Ponder / Reflect / Observe

I thought this was such a peaceful photo for the day to reflect on 9/11. It was a beautiful day just like 9/11/01 and I always go back to the moment when I first heard. Coming off the golf course to get a snack and seeing the plane hit the world trade center with my husband flying that day just brings me back to the horror of the day and being grateful that my family was safe along with my friend's family who was working at another WTC building. 

Not Even Close to my Garden….
9/12 Photograph From My Garden
Growth / Color / Produce

At least I got the color part of the prompt for today since I was so far from my garden. I wish I could have taken more pictures of this sunrise as we went down to the beach just to take pictures and then go out for breakfast. However, my head was someplace else or maybe the heat was getting to me, but I had no memory card for my dslr camera and had to use my iPhone and I forgot my wallet for breakfast. We had to drive back through the back to school traffic to get the wallet and then when we left the restaurant, I forgot to take my to go box with my leftovers! The rest of the day was better.

Golf Grip
9/13 Photograph Grip
Hold / Clasp / Control

Well I get the prompt for grip during a vacation where we golfed every day and of course I got a golf shot. Plus the directions were to edit the photo and I cropped in closer plus enhanced the blue sky. I love this shot with the palm trees framing my husband. 

Pre-Packing Clutter - The Important Stuff
9/14 Photograph What a Mess
Clutter / Dirty / Mayhem

This was an easy to do on the day we were leaving, the mess was already piling. Looking at it reminds me of the daily prompt where it was your favorite color that we had to get a picture of. I am such a blue person!

It was very fun vacation, but I hardly took pictures! So hot that we spent a lot of time in the pool after golf. I think it was too hot for the dolphins since we barely saw them out on the river.