Tuesday, July 21, 2015

7/21 A Couple of July Photos

7/19 Posing Loon - Felt a bit sea sick after focusing while kayaking. 
Centered Face

Where have I been? Working, working, working.....I manage to get the daily picture taken but there's not a lot of creativity. I continue taking pictures to practice. All of my photos are in my flickr albums. If you know me, then you know how to get to the photos. I will try to at least post once a week for a few of my favorites of the week.
Odd Number of flowers

 When I upgraded Lightroom, I upgraded to the Adobe creative studio which includes photoshop. This means I have more tools to learn that will help improve my photos. See the nails in the face picture to the right? So easy to remove in photoshop and that's just a tiny bit of what can be done in photoshop. Another learning experience, but it has already come in handy on my work computer since I have a couple of pages that I need to maintain on that site.

And the Obligatory Hummingbird picture for July
The challenge to getting my pictures done each day is the light. Taking pictures in the early evening doesn't provide a lot of light to be able to use fast speeds for hummingbird pictures. But considering the lack of light, at least I now know how to make changes to the settings to at least get the humming bird in focus.

CY365 Pictures of the Day
Fun with Textures- Day lilies gone wild

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