Saturday, February 28, 2015

2/28 Anticipation

Saturday Cooking - Preparing for Week
2/28 Anticipation

Today's prompt was screwed up for the first time, the list said Anticipation while the email prompt was about letters/snail mail/ SWAK. I went with anticipation since it fit with my mood for the day. Not sure what the week will bring with my Dad's procedure on Monday, so I cooked American chop suey for my family here and to bring some of it down with me for a quick meal or two. I also made a Bisquick quiche with baby spinach and the end of a bag of cheddar jack cheese. The quiche are in the background already to go for lunches this week. 

For dinner, I bought a pot roast to cook in the crock pot with an envelope of Lipton Onion Mushroom soup and a can of tomatoes. Initially, I thought I would do bbq beef with it, but then decided to go for the regular meal, minus the vegetables in the crockpot. I don't like how mushy they get. For sides, I cooked mashed potatoes and carrots on the side. The best of the dinner for me, was the rolls that I made. Instead of 20 small rolls, I made 12 large rolls which were of course delicious, with all that butter, why wouldn't they be?
My husband finally made it home after a delay today in Baltimore. He had a great time at the Maroon 5 concert last night in Nashville and got a fantastic seat 7 rows back from the runway section of the stage. It appears that you can get a ticket for a concert for the original ticket's price on the same day at the box office as long as you are a single. 

Here is the last Rat eye view picture of the week, instead of a cat, the cat's toy. 
59/365 Cat Toy, Floor View

End of the month collages. Onto March and warmer weather! I made two of the collages in Lightroom in the print module and the other is from the collect app that I keep on the IPhone.
Cy365 February ( Collage made in Lightroom 5 in Print Module)

Collect App Collage - IPhone App for collecting daily Photos

Project 365 Flickr- February

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