Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26 Candle Making

2/26 Photograph Engaged
Committed / Bound / Ringed

Another day, another non prompt photograph. Today I made candles with the candle making kit that my son gave me for Christmas. The joke at Christmas is that I always get candles as a gift, it appears to be their go-to gift for me. I do like candles and my middle guy thought I would like to make candles, since I like crafty things. After reading the directions, multiple times, I was not thrown off by the helpful hint of "Have available a good candle making book for reference and additional safety precautions". The process was easy and I would like to get more wax to make more. The kit came with metal pourer that fit a large pan of water and the wax melted quickly. Once poured, it was easy to put the wicks in and then let it sit. The candles slid right out of the votive holders after three hours of setting. 

It was a fun, busy day. I got up early and baked blueberry muffins with a recipe that was for a cake, but instead of vegetable oil, I substituted butter and voila, muffins!  I went over to S's this morning for breakfast with Amy and her two kids. It was nice to catch up and the morning flew by.  After such a nice afternoon yesterday of cross country skiing, I had thought I would go again by myself, but it was too cold. I then thought that I could get the snow blower up and clear up the path that got filled with snow from the roof last week, but after hearing from husband who is now stuck in Nashville until Saturday due to weather in Chicago, I decided to hang out inside. It was a better day for knitting and making candles then being outside in the cold.
Sport sock

57/365 Floor view Cat- Scary eyes

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