Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2/25 Golden Hour Skiing

Late Afternoon Cross Country Skiing 
2/25 Photograph Future Investment
Save / Invest / Looking Ahead

Another day of not following the prompt and I am honestly hitting a slump with the Capturingyour365 this week. Not feeling the mojo with the community and have decided to just take what I want for a daily picture. This afternoon I went out cross country skiing with my friend K at the farm. It was a beautiful afternoon and the light was great for photography.

56/365 "Rat Eye View" Afternoon shadows skiing

It was a balmy day with temperatures over 30 degrees. The sun even caused the ice to fall off the front of the house. We go from minus 17 to 30 degrees in 24 hours, from frozen quakes during the night to ice falling off the roof. Plenty of noise and I wish I was home when the ice fell, would have been loud but worth it to see the scaredy cat skulk through the house when it fell. we were just lucky that no body was on the walkway.

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