Friday, February 27, 2015

2/27 Outside Photography

Afternoon Walk on the Snowmobile Trails
2/27 Photograph The Season
Outside / Time of Year / Occasion

It was a good thing that there was an outside prompt today, since I needed the incentive to go for a walk. I should have gone cross country skiing, but as bright as the day was, it was still cold.  I did do some extra processing in Perfect Photo suite with this shot to highlight the colors. This is what the lighting originally looked like:

I started off with pictures around the house and this one with fence ended up as my flickr shot. I had tried a ground shot and didn't like it, but I liked this picture with 1/2 of the fence showing. Black and white just seemed to work for this shot. When the snow melts, it will be interesting to see if the fence will remain upright, this section is not very steady.
58/365 Winter Fence
Scenes around the yard

Once the bird seed is gone, there will be no more. Almost time to stop because of the bears.

That's our front walk in the top right. No ice on that main roof, it's all in the front yard. No damage to shrubs because they already have 2 feet of snow on top. 

Out on the pond

Obligatory Cat picture- Still not fighting. I think the big one just wants to keep me in his sight to remind me to feed them.

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