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Okay, so there was that week when I was in Florida where I fell behind, but I did go back and blog what I did those days and included all the pictures. So here I am this afternoon, on the laptop in my three season porch with my tea ready to upload today's picture, work on my zenfolio which is now official and my blog. Once I started Captureyour365, I knew that I wanted to write about my pictures, the good and bad. I have had this blog since 2006 and used to actively blog on the Thursday Thirteen (This was my most viewed Thursday13 post from 2007). All that blogging fell by the wayside with life events and in the past few years, I have blogged less, probably due to Facebook and those word games. Since January, I have posted every single picture of this project along with daily photos that I like while including a written description of the shot and life that day. I know that I have at least 2 readers, my mom and aunt, but that's okay, since they enjoy it. But having that consistent deadline of writing and posting pictures makes me think about my subject for the day in a way that is entertaining while I learn and keeping this a daily journal.  Even with my pictures from January, I look at them and think, what the heck was I thinking of and then I just read the blog and there it is. 

Today's photo only took 6 shots! I used my tripod to put me in the picture when I realized how impersonal the photo was without a person. The garden decoration of the lizard on the table wasn't cutting it for me. Then when I was developing it in Lightroom, I decided that the green outside and the tea pot was too distracting with the neutral colors of the porch. I really like the post-processing on this photo. I did have to take the picture into Photoshop to take care of some cloning on the table. Not my best effort in filling the crack, I had to go back in and do a better job after viewing it here on the blog. Now today's blog writing was filled with distractions as I was chatting online with my friend T who was my resource as I set up the zenfolio pricing at the same time as I was writing. I really need to work on the doing one thing at a time to make life simpler and live the moment, not the moments. However, it's always fun chatting with her and there's a lot of back and forth on photography going on. 

Today I managed to mow the front lawn before the drizzle began. Now it is just raining and I sit here on the back porch looking out over the back yard that is just so incredibly green. But wait, what are those white flowers scattered throughout the lawn in in my perennial garden? They are the weed taking over the back yard,  freaking violets. Not to be confused with freaking bugle weed which I wrote about in 2007. Yes, chemicals have been used along with manual weeding which I guess I need to continue. In the order of what is the easiest to manually remove from your lawn by pulling them out by hand, Bugle weed is the easiest, then Dandelions with the pronged garden tool and then it's the violets with their seed pods around the flower. But that's for another day since it's raining right now! 

Off to cook a new appetizer for my monthly Estrogenfest tonight in New London, a gathering of women, eating, drinking and talking it up.
The appetizer is - Olive Parmesan Cheese Bites from Holly Clegg's KITCHEN 101: Secrets to Cooking Confidence with Cooking Basics plus 150 Easy Healthy Recipes. I pinned it to my Pinterest Appetizer board when I saw it on Facebook last week. It couldn't look any easier to make.

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