Wednesday, July 18, 2007

#23 Thursday Thirteen, Bodily Function Topics

For this week, I have made the Thursday 13 a family endeavor, since my boys' favorite topic of conversation revolves around farts. I present to you a list of names for farts that we have used and some fartastic vocabulary used in our home. I have to preface this all by stating that my mother claims that she has never farted and is personally repulsed by my immediate family's need to pass gas and then make comments. If you really want to know more about farting, there is a web site called Facts on Farts and the author answers all questions related to farts. I could write a list based on that web page, but that would be plagiarism, so here it is, all about us.


1. Breaking wind: This is the term that I called passing gas when I was a kid.

2. Shooting ducks: Cousins in Nova Scotia grew up with this term.

3.Passing Gas: Is this like walking by a gas station? Why not call it emitting gas?

4. Farting: According to the Medical Dictionary of Popular Medical Terms: Fart: This is not an accepted medical word for passing gas. Excess gas in the intestinal is medically termed "flatulence." (But what is excess gas is difficult to define since symptom-free individuals have recorded approximately 14 passages of gas per 24 hours!)

Here are terms to describe types of flatulence experienced by members of my family.

5. Nocturnal flatulence: Farting while sleeping

6. Clam Dip Fart: Emitted by one son in a closed car which had an epic smell.

7. Waa Hoo Fart: The after buffalo wings or Mexican food flatulence.

8. What a relief Fart: After being held in for so long while in school or with other people, the fart emitted once home among family or in the car.

9. One Cheek special: Lift one cheek up and release with a brother sitting close by.

10. Pull my Finger: Do I need to describe this?

11. Give me a hug: It's the pull my finger but with more feeling.

12. After farting, end your statement with: "said enfartically"

13. Juicy fart: Gross enough that others have to ask if you need to go check your underwear.

I promise to try to bring some class back to this blog, it's tough living with four guys!
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  1. those made me laugh out loud!

  2. Too funny - there is nothing like the 'relief one' for sure....good grief you guys get creative.

    A term my DH's sis uses is 'Fluff' apparently girls don't fart but they fluff!

    I'll bet your boys had a good laugh with you using this for your TT..:)!

  3. So the TT gives a mom and her sons something to bond over. That's lovely! What about "the machine gun?" A series of farts in rapid succession. (I have a lot of guy friends.)

  4. This is really hilarious.
    My T13 is up too.

  5. None of the humans in my house ever fart, but the cat farts enough for three humans. ;)

  6. *giggles* What a fartastic list!

  7. Anonymous9:52 PM

    ROFLMAO!!! This is one of the funniest TTs I've run across. There's just something about farts that's so darned FUNNY.

    I love "enfartically." And here's another one for ya: fartastically.

    And I have another term for the "juicy fart", too: plasma fart.


    Thanks for making me laugh 'til I just about fell outta my chair!

    Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine. :)

  8. Tea: Fluff, so lady that like fluffing the sheets?

    Dew: Just read the cat fart comment to my family, our cats don't fart around us, but we once had this dog that would look back in surprise when she'd let one go.

    Gal: Machine gun, yep forgot about that one, but definitely occurs here.

    Thomma: Love the Plasma fart and so did the family!

  9. Okay, I am now OFFICIALLY over being sort of bummed I didn't wind up with two boys. Totally.

    I'm howling; this fits my mood tonight perfectly. Thanks, Jenny!

  10. Next time someone says Give me a hug, I'm going to have to think twice!! LOL :)

  11. I guess there's a website for everything. Thanks for all that valuable info. LOL!

  12. Hilarious! I'm not playing this week, but had to comment. We "step on frogs."

  13. Oh my!! This list is simply tooo good! For all that I'm practically a nudist and cuss like a sailor, I'm strangly shy about bodily functions! My GirlyBoi, however, seems to LIVE to fart! Don't tell your boys, but my little brother has an awful habit of throwing farts ! Really! He cups his hands and then tosses them! it's awful. I feel for his daughters (5- serves him right-- he's got enough testosterone for a household all by himself!) Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Oh crap - I'm laughing so hard I can't catch my breath!!!!!!!!!!!

    Forgive me if I DON'T share these with MY boys. I'd never hear the end of it!! My 3 year old calls them TOOTS. My nephew calls them boofers.

  15. Youpee ! Thanks to you I am now a farting specialist ! and I notice that apparently all children love this word !

  16. LOL! Your list reminds me of my college days. When you're the only girl most of your classes, you tend to "overhear" a lot about this topic.

  17. Oh my gosh, those are hillarious!

    Great TT!

  18. LOL. I have a hard time farting, and it's always a relief when I do, I forget to be mortified!

  19. A fart is a gust, a gust of wind
    It gives the body ease
    It warms the bed on a Winter's night
    And suffocates the fleas!

    From a Mum who will not allow the word 'fart' to be said in her house.

    We 'beep'!!

  20. hehehehe too silly :)

    Happy TT

  21. you are too funny Jenny and creative with out a doubt!

    My DH has this problem with #5 WAY to much, sigh

    boys and men, need I say more;)
    Happy TT!

  22. hehehhehe, really funny.
    have a look at this for some good humor Funny Farts

  23. Uh....thanks for sharing.

    Happy TT!

  24. Oh, my. I had all girls, and one guy, my husband. I'm still laughing. Because, girls fart too, they just make less coments about it. Was that what they called the "vapors" long ago?

  25. That was great.
    I am ashamed to admit I have 3 boys and a husband and when they let one loose they call the person that "tooted" Fartbutt!
    I can't believe that I let that one slide in my house, but I finally realized that boys will be boys...

    I only grew up with a sister.

  26. *snort* yes, you DO have boys!

  27. You are so funny... OMG there is nothing like boys and their farting contests....(Do they ever grow out of it?)

  28. I'm howling here! And I'm at work so everyone thinks I'm crazy now. You're family sounds like a lot of fun. :)

  29. The fact that you made this sound education cracks me up.

    Here is how you say fart in Polish - Prika.

    Why is boys love to fart. My son cracks up when he or my 2mth old does it.

    And truth be told I love a good fart joke in a movie. HEHE

  30. Mmm lovely. Good think my oldest is at school or we'd be talking about this TT all day long. LOL.

  31. Funny you should mention this in a post.

    I was hanging with my son, his girlfriend and a couple of his roomies and I tooted silently, but excused myself in case anyone heard it, you know with the hearing going bad, one never knows. Anyway the one guys says to me did you fluffel? Never heard it before. Looks like teamouse has though.

    Yep! I fluffeled.

  32. You had me laughing so loud my hubby had to come see what was going on...Loved this T13.

    Actually I enjoy your blog very much, I have been lurking most of the time but had to say thanks for the laughs today.

  33. Good grief! I am not normally a fan of the fart but this had me laughing out loud. Especially the squishy fart....ewwww!

  34. Quite the original TT this week :-)

  35. Who stepped on a duck? That one is courtesy of my uncles, learned it as a wee one.
    I will have to use some of these, you know that, right? I especially like "enfartically."

  36. Gross. Funny, but wild. Lyn

  37. *LOL* What a fun TT!
    Mine is about full moon names this week.

  38. My mother calls it "trumping" "who trumped?" - makes it hard to play cards with a straight face!

  39. having 5 guys in my household - yeah - i can relate. I've made certain foods verboten just to keep air levels at nontoxic.

  40. LOL! What a hoot. ;)

    I wonder if you've seen the infrared fart on Youtube, though. ;)

    I have two TTs:
    13 snarfs (historic landmarks) at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
    13 Things I want to do

  41. What a funny list!

    My great-grandma refuse to say the word fart so instead she said poomps fa la la.

    Happy belated TTing!


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