Saturday, May 17, 2014


Surprise! The Clematis Lives
5/17 Photography Growth
Development / Progress / Extension

The prompt today was perfect given that we had pouring rain the night before and gave the garden the boost it needed for some of the plants to finally emerge. This clematis above, I had just given up on since last week when we were putting down the mulch, there was nothing there except the brown sticks from last year's plant. Perhaps this wasn't the beautiful scene that the CY365 prompt was looking for, but for me, this was a beautiful scene, life where I thought there was none!

We did some work around the gardens and then it was off to golf in the afternoon since the weather guys were wrong for the weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. Unfortunately, it has been a rough winter for the golf courses around here as there were about 6 temporary greens and then the other 1/2 of the greens were rough. We walked all 18 of the holes and there were a couple of serious hills, nothing like Florida! Finished off the day with a fire over at a friend's house. 

And since the garden is in the midst of lilacs blooming and the tulips are looking so wonderful, enjoy!

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