Monday, May 21, 2007

Bugleweed: The Bane of my Garden

For years, I have been fighting a battle with Bugle Weed and my on line searches for removal leads me to web sites that advertise it as a "lovely ground cover". The battles have been fought on the front lawn and I believe that we have won that particular front, but it's now running rampant in my front garden.

This afternoon, I went out to take pictures of the lilacs blooming in my front yard:

The white lilacs are beautiful and thick in the front of my house where they get a lot of sun. Meanwhile, the purple lilacs are looking anemic and what could that be on the ground? Yes, it's "the weed", now thriving in my garden. Maybe I should just give up. Perhaps, I will just let it become the groundcover that chokes out the rest of the weeds. It was a good war, one without chemicals, us versus it. I am throwing in the towel, as long as it's out of my lawn, let's see how it does in the garden.

So why is it that what one person considers a weed....can be a flower for another person?


  1. "So why is it that what one person considers a weed....can be a flower for another person? "

    That baffles me also . . . but I enjoy taking photos of some weeds almost as much as the plants people consider flowers.

    I love your lilacs! Sorry about the purple ones. . . but still colorful! You sure it wasn't the late winter storms you had that the purple ones didn't grow? Frost got many at the lilac farm north of me.

    My friend Stacie told me what the words were that I could not see so I entered my essay finally. I haven't heard anything yet tho.

  2. I've never gotten to have lilacs. They are so beautiful while they last. I've not got bugle weed, I've got lyre leaf sage (two tiny plants seeded and now they are everywhere) and I've got a nasty vine with thorns that creeps into all the plants. I also have some mint that went totally beserk and now threads through the lawn. I guess the distinction between weed and flower is best determined by where it grows, and if you want it there, eh?

  3. I have missed gardening in NYC... just so little space on a terrace - it is all container gardening.

    Now I'll have to learn about xeriscape...

  4. I love lilacs - we want to plant some in our backyard. It could be cooler temps that did your purple one in, I'm not sure if the weed could be stealing that much nutrients - but I am not familiar with the bugle weed.

    We finally got our yardwork done this weekend, it was a long weekend but the weather wasn't that great. A friend from church brought me some tiger lilies and I got them and some Easter lilies that are done blooming from the church too. We'll see how they come up.

  5. Beautiful color on the photos. Our problem is mustard weed.

  6. Dear Mother Nature,

    This is the FIRST time I have ever been able to grow anything without annoying squirrels digging it up, or forgetting to water the darn plants. Please, please do not let these problems come my way.

    Your friend,



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