Thursday, May 15, 2014

Quiet Spot

My Spot in the Morning Sun for Coffee
5/15 Photograph Relaxing
Quiet / Rest / Stress Free

This picture would have been a better shot if the sun had been out this morning. After coming back from food shopping, I tried to take the photo again with sun through so many different angles. However, I took too many photographs of the same subject to try to figure out which one to use. Luckily, I have a Fine Arts graduate in the house who helped me critique the photos to determine which was the best. Why this one? Because you see the whole chair in profile with the cup of coffee in focus, the lines of the walkway show movement, there is vibrant color and no distraction of the street in the background. Once I went through the group of pictures, I knew what I liked, but needed the help to weed out to get to the best. With my son's help, I think we did it!

The purple tulips are popping up all over the garden right now and it's good to have pictures of their location. Next year, I would like to have even more to have more photograph options. Maybe some more whites and purples. Who knew that there is blue in the inside of the tulips?

Took the bottom right photo to make a another texture photo. I love how soft the texture makes the background look and the textured flowers could end up as a card set. 

This scene below was what we have going on right now on the street. Lots of boys and their toys with bikes and wagons, thought this was cute.

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