Tuesday, January 06, 2015

1/6 Winter Garden

Texture Tuesday - Winter Cone Flower

It would be such a tease to include a color photo of the same flower, you just need to use your imagination or check back in my blog for the flowers in their glory (here is a good post). When we clean up the gardens in the fall, I leave a few of the dying blooms/stalks for winter photos since they provide such a contrast against the white snow.

Today, I photographed a few of the remaining dead flowers in the garden that were covered in ice. The one above managed to have a white background which made it a good choice for a texture.
I used kk-chill.jpg, multiply at 71% opacity with a another layer of sparkly snow at 100% opacity in soft light. With both layers, I used a mask to have the texture of the flower showing. The kk texture is from Kimklassen.com and the snow layer is from a site that I discovered through The Coffee Shop Blog called JillWellington Photography.com where there are freebies and photography tips. I signed up for the combined Coffeeshop and Jill Wellington newsletter as it is always nice to learn more about photography. With all three of the above mentioned websites, I have some good resources and inspiration for the winter months.

Another icy flower

Kim Klassen dot com


  1. Your wintery flowers are so pretty ~ I like withering flowers, and the snow in the background! Thank you so much for the tip to the phoyo inspiration sites - I'll pop by them right away :)

  2. Beautiful ice flower and love your texture work

  3. Beautiful artwork with the winter flower!
    Love it!


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