Thursday, July 31, 2014

Blue Background and In The Garden

Kayaking on the open Lake
7/30 Photograph a Blue Background
The Ocean / The Sky / A Wall

Coneflower with Colorful Garden Bokeh
7/31 Photograph Garden Lovelies
Pretties / In The Garden / Decorative

Photographing with a blue background was funny to come after my favorite color blue shot from the day before. This shot was taken while I was in a kayak and the horizon did have to be straightened out because it was rough. I wish the skies were bluer, but we had haze in the sky. Which you can really see in this sunset picture from the day before.  I like how the kayak is coming into the picture from the side. So many choices to do a picture with a lot of blue as a negative space with a single subject. Since I try to use either a picture from the day or one recently taken, I thought that this photo from the past weekend was the perfect choice. 

Today's photo was done doing my favorite technique of using a large opening (smaller aperture) to get the bokeh in the background. Plus, I got to take pictures of the garden. The garden is going through a change with mildew on the bee balm, but that is not stopping the humming birds from visiting. We now have the hummingbird moth coming to the garden. 

Never knew about these till last year!
Front Garden Gone Wild

Variations of the Cone Flowers and all the other beautiful flowers in the garden.

Harmony among the felines?

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