Tuesday, January 06, 2015

1/6 Where I Stand

Where I Stand
1/6 Photograph Where I Stand
Surroundings / In Your Hands / Look Down

 For today's prompt, this is my shoe style to walk safely down our driveway. Under that pretty track of snow, there is a layer of ice. I fear that the ice will last until February with the temperatures that we have this week. It was so bad that when my friend S came over to learn how to use lightroom, I pulled her car into the garage so she could be safe when leaving. 

For the CY365, there are a couple of repeating prompts each month and Where I stand is one of my favorites. Although after looking at this past year, I think I need to change the point of view a bit more. I did miss one month, but luckily, I had a picture on my iPhone from that month to cover the miss. Can you tell which months I am in Florida? 

6/365 Snow flake help 1/6 Flickr
After S left, I tried to take snowflake pictures and my flicker picture of the day was one of the attempts. Without an extension tube, I think I will need really large snowflakes to get a good snowflake close up. At least in this one, you can see the crystals. 

This is another shot of snowflakes on an icy branch- Original size  and then cropped



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