Monday, January 05, 2015

1/5 Ensemble

Ensemble of Glass Bottle In the Afternoon Light
1/5 Photograph Ensemble
Altogether / En Masse / Group

Thought for sure that I was going to have an off prompt photo for CY365 today because of the beautiful, icy trees outside until I took this picture. I was at an appointment this afternoon and these bottles just caught my eye with the afternoon light coming through them.  This is the original picture taken with my iPhone. I cropped it up to just have the bottles in the picture and did minimal processing lightroom. I think this year, I may have more pictures from the iPhone since it always handy, plus, it takes great pictures. 

Today, I put all the Christmas decorations away and I have to admit that I am now an artificial tree convert. It was simple, clean and no worries about the cats in the water. I also organized the ornaments and brought down 4 boxes of stuff to my basement where there were 4 more boxes of Christmas things that we didn't even use. Every time I brought something downstairs, I brought another thing up to the rubbish barrel. Nothing holiday related yet, but next year I am going to have three empty boxes for the boys to go through their grandparent's ornaments to pick what they would like to keep. I have enough already. 
5/365 Icy Bokeh 1/5 

I used a icy shot for the flicker 365 today. Our yard and driveway is just one big frozen mess. It was pretty in the sunlight, but nothing was melting, just glistening in the sun. To get to the rubbish barrels this afternoon, I had to put on the yak trax to safely make it down and back. I did get a bit scared when the wind picked up and I could hear the branches moving. After our ice storm in Thanksgiving, the broken branches are more of a concern because not everything came down when they broke, still some just hanging on other branches.

My poor lilac bush still hasn't recovered from November's storm and the ice today isn't helping.

The garden today had some interesting ice formations.

Alternative parking now occurring since we have lost a space until this tree melts.

Obligatory cat picture of the week- The two boys were cuddling last night...

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