Sunday, July 06, 2014


Happy That the Bee Balm has Bloomed
7/6 Photograph Pride
Honor / Happiness / Dignity

The prompt suggestion was to take a picture of a genuine expression of a person, not happening for me today! The Bee Balm finally bloomed and I got to sit outside to take pictures. There is a lot of patience involved as they come in for a little bit and then take off for about 15 minutes. It gave me time to read up on my flash and camera manuals since I am now taking a flash course on line through The Perfect Picture School of Photography. I sit there and read until I either hear the bird come in or a lot of movement catches my eye. It was perfect day to be outside as I had already made a salad and macaroni and cheese early this morning. 

With the lessons that I have taken this past year, along with the picture a day and the work that I am now doing with a photographer organizing class materials for a beginner photography class, I hope that my humming bird pictures will improve. Just looking at a blog post from last year, I think it has. I think what is really helpful is the non-destructive editing that I can do with Lightroom. In the photo above, my lens was zoomed out to the maximum of 250 so I had to crop the shot to get an even tighter shot of the hummingbird. 

Sitting out in the yard, I am observing other insects and it seems that we have more bees this year, especially on the Astilbe (Goats Beard). I hope that is true that maybe the bees are coming back. 

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