Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Back to blogging?

There's a new road that I am traveling and it's a slower route. There was a rotary that I was stuck on and the traffic was never ending. A decision was made, there was a fork in the road and so far I am enjoying the road that I am on. Time is now  for family, home, cleaning out stuff and creativity.

When I spent an hour out in the garden today to catch the hummingbird with my camera, it was relaxing. The Cardinal was a plus, although they are more photogenic with snow as a back drop. There are two humming birds and they fight each other off if they get to the flowers at the same time. After getting their fill of the flowers, they rest in the bush by the house.

Tomorrow, I have 27 holes to golf, but today was all about the back yard garden, weeding and photography. It was great day to enjoy what we have. I love when the Bee Balm is in bloom and next week the purple bee balm should be in the picture.
A field of red.

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