Sunday, July 06, 2014

July 4th and 5th

Quiet 4th of July
7/4 Photograph Bursting
Fireworks / In Air / Explode

We went up to the Lakes Region for the Fourth of July for a family party, but unfortunately we had an uninvited guest show up, Tropical Storm Arthur. He brought rain to our day and this dock which was busy last year, was a very quiet place. I took hardly any pictures as I was busy enjoying myself with family and good food. Out of the couple of pictures I did take, this was the best photo. It was good photo to use lightroom to process and edit the photo. 

Nothing bursting in the air as all the fireworks got cancelled for the 4th due to all the rain.

My Favorite Sandals of All Time 
7/5 Photograph Wearing a Favorite
Shoes / Clothing / Cozy Sweater

That's right, another picture of my feet! But this prompt was funny for me to see on this morning as the day before we had a discussion at the party about these sandals. They are so comfortable after 6 years and I have already had them resoled. Unfortunately though, the foot part is wearing away since I wear these year round. Expensive but worth every penny since they last so long. 

In the afternoon, we went to another quieter family cookout, where we sat outside and had this cardinal flying around us all afternoon since we were by his nest. After the rain from the day before, it was nice to be outside in comfortable, warm weather. 

On the ride home since I wasn't driving, we got to stop by the hospital to catch this deer trying to decide which way to go. 

Since I missed the fireworks picture on the day it was suppose to be, we went to the Concord Fireworks. We parked about a mile away up a slight hill where I could set up the tripod. It was a blast! Literally!
I posted this picture as my second picture of the day. I love that I got the silhouettes of the trees in the bottom left. 
And then I just couldn't stop taking pictures……

The secret to taking a firework picture is a tripod, a cable release switch, ISO 100, f/8 and bug spray! The shutter was kept open for 2- 4 seconds.

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  1. I've never seen pictures of fireworks that came out so realistic. Beautiful.... all of the pictures.


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