Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Finds- Dragonflies in the Garden

While waiting for hummingbirds, I can be happy just watching the dragonflies flit around the garden. Behind our house, we have a stream leading into a pond which must be where all of these dragonflies live. Some are shy and fly away when I get up close, while others remain on the flowers. Sometimes its frustrating to have the zoom lens on the camera to get a hummingbird picture when there is a dragonfly that I can get up close to where a macro lens would work better.

The wings look so delicate, with the lacy look and the dragonfly above at least has intact wings compared to the dragonfly that I posted earlier this week. Lucky to have a variety of small wildlife to enjoy in the backyard.

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  1. wowza - great catches!!

  2. Love the detail you were able to capture. You have much more patience than I. Diane #22

  3. I love dragonflies even more after I found out they get rid of mosquitoes :)

  4. yay for dragon flies.... the mosquitoes here are unbearable.... so happy when i see the dragon flies out doing their 'thing'... fabulous captures....... xo


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