Saturday, July 12, 2014

From Behind and Centered

Dragonfly From Behind
7/11 Photography Gone Fishin'
Fish / From Behind / Fishing Pole

Centered Hummingbird
7/12 Photograph Centered
In the Middle / Balanced / Calm

 Still spending a lot of time out in the back yard with my camera. Yesterday's dragonfly was an easy choice for behind, especially since there wasn't going to be any fishing going on here. The only fishing that we do lately with getting things out of water would be on the golf course. However, the dragonfly picture also has negative space with the dragonfly highlighted which was the direction for the prompt.

If I had thought to bring my camera last night to glow ball, I could have gotten some beautiful shots of glowing golf balls along with the super moon. What a beautiful night to be out playing. We golfed with L and her husband and we won because the men's tees were moved to the ladies and the ladies tees were moved up. L can out drive most men and we all had good shots. On our second hole, we saw a ball come across the fairway at a place where there shouldn't be a ball coming from another tee box, it turned out that a fox had taken one of our balls and carried it to the other side. The two guys saw it when they drove up and luckily, the fox dropped the ball which was good for us, since the tournament was a scramble and that was our best ball at the time. The hardest part about playing at night was driving the cart before the full moon rose to provide a little bit of light. In the picture below, the glowing spots are our glow balls which get activated after they are hit.

Today's picture was a hard choice since I had a couple to choose from after reading in the backyard with my camera nearby, to golfing in the mountains and the super moon. But it was another good hummingbird day. There are definitely at least two different hummingbirds coming to the garden and there may be others, but I can't tell because they chase each other away. At least this year I feel that I can take my time composing pictures instead of just getting lucky with catching the humming birds in a picture.

The garden is bursting with flowers and there are still flowers that haven't bloomed yet.

This afternoon we went up to Sutton to play golf, it was hot, but the pace of play was great even if our golf wasn't. The only birds that hang out on this course that I can get a picture of are the Canadian geese who are unfazed by carts and golf balls. 

The pond that I conquered today with a drive over. This is the view towards the mountain with the reflection of the mountain in the pond.

On the way home, the super moon rose and we missed the first part of the moon rise where it looked huge. However, we got off the highway and went up a hill on a side road

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