Saturday, July 19, 2014

Petals and Cat time

Cone Flower Petals
7/18 Photograph Layers
One on Top of the Other / Levels / Petals

Cat Outside ( Off Prompt)
7/19 Photograph as the Sun Sets
Golden Light / A Landscape / A Beautiful view

So many petals and layer choices to choose from, but the coneflower is the newest blooming flower this week, so it was the winner. Although I did find some host flowers on the side of the house that the deer haven't found yet.  I should have gone out earlier to take the pictures since it gets hard with the shadows from the sun. The dahlia in the bottom right had so many shadows that it just didn't look good by itself. 

Friday was a catch up day for laundry, housework and mowing the lawn. I also did my portrait work for the Practice class that I am taking. My neighbor's daughter was a very willing subject and I still need to go through the pictures for processing.

We went down to the Market days on Main St. and it was a beautiful evening. There were a couple of bands playing in the different squares and we caught up with some people from town that we haven't seen for a while. 

Saturday's prompt was not followed because we had people over for dinner and we just don't see the sky from our yard. Before our company came over, we were sitting in the yard and let the cat out. Unfortunately, he thinks the yard is one big bowl of food and eats grass. We got him over to the cat nip plant and he loved rolling in it. And again, another cat tongue picture. 

It was a nice evening to sit outside to watch the hummingbirds when our friends came over. We may not have seen the sky, but I do like the lighting of the Liatris flowers below.

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