Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Nature - Wildflowers in the Garden

Nature Texture: Columbine growing wild in the Garden
Texture: kk_SoTrue Soft light at 100%Opacity with mask for flower, Background duplicated and Multiplied

Right now, at this moment, my garden is in the midst of growing, but not blooming, except for all the wild columbines blooming. I should have taken more pictures of these today, but I have at least 20 of these plants scattered among my perennials. However, I can't remember ever planting them, they just kind of showed up. They probably were in a pot of another flowering plant that I bought and just self-seed well. Either way, this is one time that nature has provided a pretty flower and not a nuisance weed.

Well waiting for these to bloom:

I will enjoy the Columbine:



  1. Anonymous2:09 AM

    I too am waiting for some of my flowers to bloom. My sister gave me Columbine last year, but it didn't come back plus I think she was wrong because they weren't near as pretty as those you have pictured. Those are lovely. :)

  2. Gorgeous captures of nature, love the bud... waiting to unfold its flower!

  3. Columbine is such a hardy flower. When I shake my columbine, I can hear the seeds rattle around in the pods - hope my shaking spreads them even more. Beautiful photos today . . . is that an iris waiting to unfold? So glad you are enjoying your garden and the inspiration it provides.

  4. You have to be so patient for nature to take it's course, lovely colours...


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