Monday, June 02, 2014


Broccoli Mac and Cheese
6/2 Photograph Cheese
Grated / Corny / Inauthentic

Once again, I lucked out with the prompt with my plans for the day.  Tonight's supper was Broccoli Mac and Cheese  using the recipe from It is a family favorite and there's only one serving left for somebody's lunch tomorrow. This was another macro photo day today and it was fun to have a true macro lens to use. In this photo, a flash was used since I was in the kitchen where I don't have a lot of natural light. 

For tonight's dish, I used the whole wheat penne and there wasn't a single complaint about it, maybe because I loaded it with cheese, mozzarella, cheddar mixed with American and Swiss cheese. It was topped with parmesan cheese and bread crumbs.  This is an easy supper to prepare and it's what I was doing while the furnace guy was fixing our furnace. My day was a backwards day, I cooked supper this morning and went grocery shopping on the way home from work at 5 PM. It helped to have someone here to put the mac and cheese in the oven. Supper was ready to eat once the groceries were all put away.
   It was another beautiful warm day and I went for a quick short walk with my neighbor and her dog. How sad is it that we go on a short walk because the dog is out of shape?  We went by the pond again and still no black water snake lurking on the rocks. I was looking while my neighbor was not! Too bad I had a guy working on my furnace and hot water heater since it would have been a perfect day to hang out laundry.  Instead, I took more pictures out in the garden and after looking at a collage that I did the first week of May, I will do another one this week as a comparison. Everything is green and the columbine is blooming while everything else budding. 

Just some photos of around the house. I wish I could claim the Rhododendrons in the middle, but these are in front of a neighbor's house and they are just spectacular. Currently, I have the one measly bud on mine!

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