Sunday, June 01, 2014


Ritual or Habit? Us Vs. Bugleweed
6/1 Photograph Ritual
Custom / Habit / Routine

We have lived here for 16 years and the battle continues. According to the information at HGTV, Bugleweed is an alternative ground cover for shady areas, but be careful as it can be invasive. No kidding! The prompt for today was Ritual and this photo was fitting as my husband and I can't walk through the yard without pulling up bugleweed. I initially thought that I would use just a hand picture, but like the full picture of my husband since it shows him and the garden.  That spot in front is probably the worse part of our lawn and it's because of the weed. Since we do so much weeding with of this invasive plant, we have it growing in the woods where we throw it. It can grow where ever it wants, but not in my gardens or lawn!

We seem to be a little bit behind with some of the flowering shrubs compared to what I saw at a golf course up north of us. Their rhododendron was already blooming and this is what we have:

And the Irises will be in bloom by tomorrow based on this budding going on today. It's nice to finally have sun and warmth!

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