Tuesday, June 03, 2014


Wildlife in the Park
6/3 Photography Wildlife Wonder
The Fauna / The Flora / Outside

Such a beautiful day to be out and about today! The prompt for today's assigned photo was to practice centering a subject balancing other objects in the frame . I was able to do that, but there is still plenty of clutter in the picture due to all the reeds. This was the only way to take this picture due to the reeds, did you notice the reflection? I had to do some extra processing to highlight the turtle and brighten his neck. 

Today I started out with another wimpy walk, this time the dog didn't even come with us. She got distracted and we came back to find her laying on the side of the road waiting for us to return. At least we moved faster without her. I got the laundry hung out and checked out the garden for any new flowers. 
The purple flower in the bottom right is my lone rhododendron flower. The irises are getting ready and the top right is the Astilbe. After hanging out the laundry, I packed a lunch and joined my friend A and her two children at the park. These are my summer beach buddies and they just never stop, especially T, the little girl. The park was more active than my last visit there. When I drove up, there were two school buses, and a sea of green tee shirted kids crawling around the playground. Turns out it was a school group there before a play having lunch and we soon had it back to normal. 

I, of course, brought my camera and had a blast taking all kinds of pictures. It was a great practice day for me and I got some fun photos of the kids. This year was easier since T isn't as squirmy as she was last year. I am going to put a couple of these on my portrait gallery on zenfolio for samples of my work. 

The two kids were all over the playground while A and I caught up. She had exciting news and it looks like we will have three with us in 2015 at the beach. It's just going to be hard when S is in school full-time because then we won't have him with us to keep track of his sister! 

Can you believe the size of this orange fish? There's no way it's a gold fish, must be a carp of some type or another.  It was a fun to be outside and it was free! All these pictures gave me the opportunity to  work in Lightroom 5 with processing.  

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  1. Very nice.Checked out portfolio. Is the crab real? I never saw anything like that.


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