Monday, May 19, 2014

Where I Stand

Standing in Front of my Backyard Perennial Garden
5/19 A Vision of Where I Stand
From Above / Words / On a Bench

Don't those violets look pretty? Too bad they are a weed as mentioned in Friday's blog. Today's prompt of where I stand came with the suggestion of taking a picture with words at my feet. No words for me, I  never left home today. This morning I spent re-organizing my kitchen cabinets and pantry along with cleaning off my counters. Not that exciting, but the kitchen is easier to work in now that I have it organized better with my tupperware/plastic containers in a drawer. 

I did try to work on my on-line photography class, however, that required a sunny day which we had in the morning. The assignment was to take a picture of a single subject throughout the day to show the changing light. There wasn't much change when the clouds rolled in and I gave up after the second picture. The afternoon was spent working on the graduation party pictures and then we had the original bisquick quiche for dinner. This is a recipe worth checking out, you can throw anything in it, tonight we had leftover boccoli, a tablespoon of chopped red pepper, turkey ham and cheese. 

While working on the graduation photos, I had to some minimal fix ups, the best was taking off the name from the gas grill cover behind two of the cousins. As tempting as it was to add some fancy lightroom presets, I held back and only did some minor vignetting. This picture below does have two presets for the exposure, Arkham and Tinting Green. Presets are effects to the tones, clarity and colors which are already formulated in a "preset" format which you can apply to your picture. You can always tweak them after you apply them and with lightroom, it's never permanent! This is the front garden, looks much nicer than the photo from this February blog post

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