Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Front Yard


Front Garden in The Snow
2/18 Photograph In The Front Yard
Outside / On Location / A Grassy Area
Grassy?? Ha! Not for a while here as you can tell by the snow in my front yard. There are those coneflower stems again, I knew they would be photographed more than once this winter. Today's picture was not an easy choice and I based it on a location that will be even prettier in a few months to use as a comparison. And once again, as I write this blog, I second guess myself and think that maybe one of these other two photos could have been a better choice. Another lame excuse is that I had to use a PC laptop since my macbook is in the shop getting an upgrade. The screen settings was harder for me to really see the details in the photos today.
This morning, L and I went out for a quick walk at 7 AM, 2. 5 miles in 45 minutes with 1/2 on the road and the other 1/2 on the trails. We had to get the walk done early to get the exercise in before the snow storm today. Good thing since the 4-7 inches is going to be more than 8 inches and as of 4:30, the prediction is now 6 to 10 inches! We have more than 6 inches out there now! Everything closed down by 1 PM today including the library which means we have to reschedule out Healthy Resolutions Group. But if everyone is out shoveling, that's a healthy exercise, right? But of course, I don't make salads when it's snowing, instead I bake. Today, it's another stromboli (calzone) since that's all I feel like cooking for supper. Since my husband is traveling, we don't have to get out this evening to do the driveway and can wait till the morning. Although, my son did say that "We should leave it for Dad, since he likes to do the driveway", luckily for him, he was joking. ( I hope?)
Last night I worked on a a vignette technique in Photoshop Elements which took me awhile to figure out. After about 15 minutes of repeating the directions and getting no where, I then read the comments and found out that I was not the only one and that there was one key instruction that needed to be clarified. Once I clicked in the picture on the layer, voila, the "boom effect" for vignette worked.  See where I "shine" on the four wheeler with the blurry background? I think it works even better on the dinghy from Rockport.

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