Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Black and White

Texture Tuesday- Black and White Textured cat
Textured with KK_Simple1- Blended Hard light, 42% Opacity

It's Texture Tuesday at Kimklassen.com, where following links is always an inspiration. I took this picture last week and liked the contrast of Punky on the white chair. It was changed to black and white in Lightroom since the only color in the picture is the cat's eyes. Punk is our food motivated fat cat and I am sure he was doing his "withering away" act for sympathy. If cats could talk, he would be telling me to hurry up with the picture to feed him. 


One picture was not enough for me to play with the kk-simple texture and I added it to a lilac picture that I had already posted on the blog two days ago. This texture was applied with a hard light blend at 35%.
I like this picture that I took with my new macro lens of the white lilacs and added a white frame as a contrast to the blossoms. Real black and white subjects for today.



  1. Both photos are so lovely and your kitty is adorable (my cat is always complaining I don't feed him enough too!).

  2. Both B & W images are lovely, each very different. Like the middle one so cute of your cat.

  3. Beautiful the second image is so soft and serene..

  4. So Beautiful, I love the touch of color in your second image!

  5. Lovely images. Your kitty is so cute :) My cat used to greet anyone and everyone who visited by guiding them to his food dish - hoping for another meal.

  6. Adorable cat!
    The lilac blossoms are also beautiful in black and white.

  7. Wonderful. And, Punky's look is definitely saying hurry up with the photos.

  8. Anonymous12:03 AM

    What a perfect subject for your photo. He's so cute, and I like his name. :)


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