Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healthy Snack

Healthy Snack- Carrot Sticks and Spinach Yogurt Dip
5/14 Photography Health
Fruits & Veggies / Wholesome Food / Nourishment

There was almost another picture of a salad for today as I had to make one, but thought it was still too soon for a repeat. I think that salads are great to photograph with all the colors, contrasts and textures and it was hard not to fall back on photographing a fresh salad for today's prompt as it would have met all of the prompts. Although I think with the
new lens, I caught a lot of texture in the carrot sticks and dip. And yes, there are carrot sticks cut up in the refrigerator lately as I am trying to keep healthy snacks on hand to avoid the temptation of going for a  carb snack. To make it even healthier, I have a dip with the vegetables since it was recommended in one of my weight loss classes that it is better to have more than one food group for a snack to fill you up. The other option for the picture today was the ingredients for my spaghetti squash dinner, which I had all the intention of cooking today, but got home too late to make. No healthy dinner here tonight, frozen pizza which was quick and easy.

Today was a day of not much going on. I got my new eye glasses today and what a racket that is now with the prices, glad to have insurance for part of the cost! I got transitional lens which will be good on overcast days for me especially for golf and shopping. They are not as stylish as my old pair, but they will be fine. Then it was a drive to  Boston in the afternoon to drop off my son at the airport. I took a different way home to avoid traffic and listened to pod casts for Captureyour365 which helped to make the time go by. Loved coming home to find my son putting the lime on the lawn, that was helpful! Tomorrow is another day of transporting sons as my youngest will be home for the summer from school. Will have to get out early to food shop as we are running low. How did I get this all done while working full time, I have no idea!

More photos were uploaded to the Zenfolio website and I have a link to the site on the top of the page to the right. Click on the dolphin picture and it takes you to the portfolio homepage. I just need to add a Florida Gallery and get more pictures uploaded. It's not as simple as just uploading each photo since I am bringing each one into Lightroom to make adjustments as needed. I uploaded the photo below for selling in both color and black and white. I figure by next week, I will advertise it on Facebook and email my friends and hopefully I will sell a couple of photos.

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