Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Love? Stash and Muffin
5/20 A Vision of Devotion
Love / Loyalty / In the Yard

I was trying to avoid being a "cat" lady in my blog, but it was ironic that I just posted a picture of a cat for Texture Tuesday and today's prompt was for a pet picture. The only vision of devotion that I get from my cats is when they are hungry. I thought for sure that I would get this picture done early today once I opened the front door, but we had to move them to the door to get them to look outside. However, you can't pose a cat, no matter how many times you place them where you want them to be, it has to be their idea. But I got this one late in the afternoon and the light was just right to get both cats. Of course today's picture would include the prettiest cat in the house who used to have a mustache when he was a kitten, hence the name, Stashio. Now I think he should be called Johnny for the Johnny Depp since he has eyeliner. These are a few of the other shots that I got today and yes, I even opened the back door and see how far Punk got?
It was windy, sunny day, got my laundry out hanging and worked on my light lessons for the online photography class that I am taking. 
In the morning, I did get some lilac pictures in the front yard as I did my walk around the gardens to see  what was growing and what weed was winning. I think I could have done time lapse photography today and I would have caught plants growing in just a day. 

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  1. Muffin, if she is the one on the right, looks just like my mom's cat, Mincey. Lovely shots today!


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