Wednesday, April 30, 2014


 Daffodils in The Rain
4/30 Photograph Uplifting
Inspiring / Daffodil / Spring

Another dreary Spring day here with the rain holding off until this afternoon. I spent the day painting at
my friends' business, it was a good day to be inside. It was fun work, even though I was painting closets, and then the bottom halves of two rooms. Good exercise with all the painting and bending, plus I solved all the problems of the world while painting. The big move date is this Friday and there was a lot of activity at the house. The interior designer stopped by and I had my computer with me to show him the pictures about town. I now have a better idea of what they are looking for, all I need now is some blue sky! Here are two of the finished rooms with a new table in the conference room. Quite a difference from this blog post in February, it does look better with out the flowery wall paper. Due to the condition of the walls after the wall paper removal plus electrical work, there was a lot of wall repairs that had to be made.

After the paining, I was in a hurry to get home to get my picture for today's prompt. It was another good excuse to take pictures of daffodils. I had to get out and take pictures quickly to avoid getting soaked. Luckily nobody was driving by to see me in my painting clothes crouching and kneeling to get the shot for today. I was hoping to get rain in the picture, but more light was needed to for me to be at the lower shutter speed that was recommended to backlight the rain. I will fake it with a hose another time with flowers later on this year. I am not sure what the purple is in the background of today's picture, but it works since it is plain. 

Every spring when the daffodils come up, I always get the big idea of getting a 100 bulbs and just putting them all around the yard and on the edge of the woods in the back. But it so shady here in the the back that there are no daffodils there yet and in the front, the tulips aren't even close to blooming. In the downtown area, the tulips are budding already! Love the bright yellow of the daffodils and I can be patient for the rest of the garden to emerge. And it bears repeating, where is the sun???

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  1. Your daffs are truly uplifting! They make me feel so positive. All ours are finished now and there are no more in the shops, so I shall have to wait another year before I can fill my house with them again.

    Hope you enjoy Waterlogued..... ;-)


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