Thursday, May 01, 2014

Waiting for a Sunny Day

 Waiting for a Sunny Day
 5/1 Photography Healthy Vision
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It has been a very busy couple of days with a weekend trip to Stowe, Vermont for a cousin's wedding along with downloading a new photography software program, Lightroom 5. Both activities took time and the blogging took a back seat to everything else. But I did take plenty of pictures in the past 4 days to share.

During the month of May, the Captureyour 365 project is partnering with the National Eye Institute for Healthy Vision for the month. There will be a few prompts with eyes included in the prompt suggestions for May. The first prompt started off with Healthy Vision and I had taken a few photos of me with glasses on in the car and all got rejected. Then I thought about just using sun glasses with a hat/visor as subjects alone.  When I am out in the sun I always have my sun glasses on and if I am golfing, I add the hat or visor to protect my eyes. The picture that I ended up with is one that that I really like.  The curve of the glasses with the reflection of the bare trees on the backdrop of the white visor makes a visually appealing photo. It was a raw, cloudy day where I ended up cleaning out the front yard gardens just waiting for the sun to come out. 

After cleaning the yard, I gave myself some time to download the Lightroom 5 program which I am glad that I did! There was a glitch with putting in the activation code which resulted in a phone call to Adobe Support. They were helpful, but it took time. The program requires a different mind set on cataloguing photos while it also has editing capabilities. I ordered a book, Photoshop Lightroom 5 by Rob Sylvan and Nat Coalson. I chose this book, because Rob Sylvan is an online instructor at The Perfect Picture School of Photography where I had taken my photoshop elements course that I thought was well taught. When I start back working again, I hope to take the lightroom class, in the mean time I will be teaching myself with the book, on-line tutorials, websites and through trial and error. 

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