Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Four and Sweet

Scrabble Fours
4/28 Photograph The Number 4
The Number / On a Scrabble Tile / Written

Sweet Magnolia
4/29 Photograph Buzz
Bee / Lego / Sweet

Getting caught up here at home where there was hardly any food in the refrigerator and I had to pull out the sweat shirts and long pants to deal with the cold. The drive caught up with me yesterday and I skipped out on the blog. There was also a book that I started in the car which I wanted to finish, what a disappointment in the ending of A Thousand Pardons. The book had potential but lost it in the ending. I always like when I finish a book and read a review which confirms my feelings. 

Yesterday's picture was fun to take as I was able to make up my own words. No double letters used, but the color bonus tiles add a good contrast to the picture. I used my macro lens, to try it again and it worked for this picture. I took 20 pictures to get to this shot. This board has an interesting story in that it is our best yard sale find, ever! We got the deluxe set for $1 and last month at an estate sale in Florida, I saw the same set priced at $25! I wish we played it more, but now with the internet and video games, they just don't want to play against me.

During the day, I checked out the garden and here are those straw blossoms that I used in some of the winter shots. So nice to see them without the snow. Now it just has to warm up a little bit for us to get out there to clean up the gardens. 

The second photo was taken today in downtown Concord as I was taking photos for my friend L's business. She had bought some frames at a consignment shop that had building pictures in them already. However, her design consultant thought it would be good to have black and white pictures from around downtown Concord rather than buildings that no one what they were. After looking at what I took, I need to get some horizontal photos. 

At the Statehouse, I found the magnolia tree among the statues. I liked the statues and thought they
would be good pictures to have, name that famous NH statesman. Most of their clients are older, which gave me a good sense of what to take. As we walked around downtown later on in the afternoon, my friend L was more observant of the different buildings, signs and clocks around the block. Now we just have to see what the designer likes and whether I need to go back out.  I will be picking up some hours tomorrow helping them to finish up painting while I wait to hear about my interview yesterday.

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