Sunday, April 27, 2014


Home to Daffodils!
4/27 Photograph Square
Four Sides / A Box / Rule of Thirds

Home to NH after an 9 hour drive from Virginia. Today's prompt was to take a square photo using the rule of thirds, which I think I came pretty close to doing. My intent in this photo was to get as much of the blossom as possible to get the rain drops up close. Today's daffodil is my first home garden shot and I am going to catalogue the pictures this year to keep track of what is where and to have beautiful flower/garden photos to enjoy and work with through the year.  However, it was still cool here and yes, there was still snow in the yard.

During the drive today, we had beautiful weather until we made it to New England where we ran into intermittent  rain showers. It was chilly enough to have to eat our lunch in the car and I had to go pull out some socks to wear with my sandals. I was styling when we got to the golf demo sale in NH with my white ped socks and birkenstocks. Nothing says serious golfer than showing up in capris with tanned legs wearing my socks and sandals. It all worked out as I was able to find the two hybrid clubs on sale that I needed for my set here in NH.

I did take some pictures with my DSLR camera through the window today. Considering that the collage pictures were taken while we were on a bridge, I was happy with how they came out. 
New York City View from NJ Turnpike

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  1. amazing shots from the car and the flower picture was beautiful


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