Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where I Stand- March

Where I Stand- On the Golf Course Right Before my Best Drive of the Day
3/27 Photograph Where I Stand
Look down / Here and Now / From the Floor

I like where I got to take my picture today of Where I Stand. The view for March is better than January or February's Where I Stand photos. I used my iPhone today out on the golf course and this was on the short par 3 hole where I used my nine iron to get within 4 feet of the hole on the green. I was able to get out and walk nine holes this morning last minute while my friends went out looking at condos. It was helpful to be golfing by myself as I was able to play multiple balls on some of the holes to practice. Today was a little cool again leaving the sandals out with my red painted toe nails. 

Last night after writing the blog I went out looking at other blogs for the Tuesday Textures and saw a post where a sketch/paint technique was used with photoshop. The blog writer had learned the technique from ( check out the link, very neat photos there). Well I figured if they had the technique for the uber expensive photoshop, then some smart person had to have figured it out for Photoshop elements. I found it and stayed up late playing with photos that I had. It's a habit of mine now to look for photoshop element videos for things that I don't know how to do. Then if it looks like something I might want to use, than I do the technique while I stop and start the video. 

I like this technique, it works better with landscapes for me than people photographs. It is simple enough to do with minimal steps. I really like the beach scene, it looks like a drawing. The original photo is in this blog post from March 9th.

This evening we went over to my aunt's for dinner. The meat stew was delicious and we all ate and drank well.  Unfortunately, it was still too cool to sit outside, but we hung out around the dining table. The weather should be getting warmer, it sure can't get any cooler for this time of year. 

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