Thursday, January 09, 2014

Where I Stand

1/9 WHERE I STAND: I decided to take the picture on the icy part of my walk where in 3 months there will be flowers blooming in front of where I am standing. This prompt will repeat and I will be taking the same shot in the same spot where there will be different shoes, green grass and maybe flowers. I love the Merrell Winter Mocs and wear these when I am out and about doing errands. Today's picture hit home today as I realized how easy it is for me to slip on shoes and play on ice to take pictures in comparison to my Dad who is currently having a tough time walking. I was thrilled to see that there was no ice on their walkways when I was visiting today. What is easy for one isn't always easier for others.

We drove to a doctor today to get another opinion for my Dad and it appears that surgery will be in the near future for his back. The traffic was minimal today and we were back to my parent's house with enough time for me to enjoy some of the soup I brought down along with homemade cinnamon raisin bread. But I will be back down there again soon to bring down the frozen turkeys that I bought after the holidays at a smoking deal that I forgot to bring with me today, along with the pocketbook that my mom forgot in my car.

Arriving home, I was excited to see that my macro lens kit had been delivered from Amazon. I practiced with some Christmas decorations, food and a hanging wreath to see the difference. It is going to take some practice, but they are going to be fun to use outside in the garden.

Close up with camara lens

Close up with camera lens
Close up with 10x filter

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