Sunday, March 09, 2014


Budding Flowers Early Morning 
3/9 Photograph Emerging
Budding / Early / Rising

You know what the shame of this prompt is for today? I was awake during sunrise and it was beautiful. The prompt was not sent until right before 7 AM, too late for me to get a sunrise photo. I thought of other emerging alternatives, dolphin emerging from the water, nope, none today. I did take some early morning sun on the river, but didn't like the photos. After 2.5 months, I have become critical with my my photos and there are a lot that get deleted now. Onto emerging, we went to the beach and I thought that I would at least get some crabs coming out of their holes in the sand, no such luck, not a single live crab to be seen on the beach. I did find a dead crab and thought of posing it in a hole, but it was really dead looking, no way to fake live.

Today was a relaxing day, we rode our bikes up to the Farmer's market for fresh vegetables and fruit. There was another produce stall at the market today and it turns out that they have a storefront right up the street, that will make it easier than waiting for the local Farmer markets. It surprises me that the prices and quality of the fruits and vegetables are not better in the supermarkets here. 

We went to the beach today, the boy went off on his own riding his long board down to where the college break group were while we went further south to avoid the crowds. Breezy, but nice to feel the sun, or as the boy would say, catch some "D", (Vitamin D that is). Finally caught up with my aunt/cousin at the beach. I will have to get a resident pass for the parking since it cost 25 cents per 7.5 minutes, going there today, I thought it was for 15 minutes.  That will be something to do tomorrow.

Texture flower for today is one of the photos from this morning.

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