Monday, March 03, 2014

A Color

A Color or two - Hand knitted socks
3/3 Photograph Choose a Favorite
A Crayon / A Color / One or Many

The prompt suggestions for today mentioned crayons, no crayons at my parents and I found the most colorful item that I packed for my short visit, hand-knitted, striped socks. There were also some items around the house, but I came back to the socks with the lines of colors. It was a macro shot for today and I used the filters again, still not loving them. Can't wait to get a macro lenses to avoid the manual focusing right on top of what I want to take a picture of. The new flash helps with the lighting and I like how this picture almost looks like a reflection shot. 

These were my first hand knitted pair of socks and as much as I wish I could claim that a pattern was followed for the stripes, the pattern came from the variegated yarn. They are wool and perfect for the never ending cold. I really went back and forth on the choice for today, but I do like the multicolors with the yellow in focus.

Today we got great news that my Dad will not need to have his back operation. As the doctor basically put it, the risk outweighs the reward since he does not have the pain that he had from last April until last month. We all were happy with the decision not to operate as the recovery would be extended and the operation would have been an six hour operation. Changes a lot of plans for the spring, all good.

I cooked dinner for my parents tonight, spaghetti squash with chicken sausage and vegetables. They were a little worried when they saw the squash, but it went over well. Anything with garlic and parmesan cheese is a good meal. I even got to be serenaded with my Dad's bike riding music. He gets on it every day for at least 15 minutes, now we have to get him to lift some weights and get his upper body stronger again.

Today's flower picture is a rose from Regent's Garden in London with kkviolet texture. 

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