Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Socks Completed!

First socks.JPG
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Yea, I made it through the second sock, even though I lost the fifth needle. I think the cats hid it. I really did try to match up the stripes, not to far off. My next socks will be shorter anklet socks. Pretty sad that I was knitting while playing canasta on pogo.

Notice the left foot, I have a funky pain thing going on there with some swelling. I'll wait another week before I go back to the doctors. The initial foot xray didn't show anything. I probably sprained it while helping out in the woods clearing the trails for the high school. But I don't remember doing anything. Another sign of old age, forgetting how an injury occurs.


  1. Those are way cool! Or should I say kewl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love socks like that! When do I get a pair? Ü

  2. Wow too cool! I am soooooo envious of your sock making talents! No joke.


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