Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Celebrate a Cardinal Return!
3/4 Photograph a Party
Beads / Balloons / Celebration

Well, today's prompt was suppose to be more of party theme to celebrate the third year anniversary of Captureyour365. Today is also Fat Tuesday and the beads go along with Mardi Gras. No bras or beads hanging on the tree like we saw at Copper Mountain one Fat Tuesday when we were there over 10 years ago, just this beautiful red cardinal. When we had our feeders hanging off our back porch, there was a pair that came every day and would return back to this line of trees that border our back yard. I miss their daily visits, but no need to worry, somebody is feeding this bird! He doesn't appear to be missing any meals.
My other option for today was either balloons seen on the side of the road or birthday number candles from the cabinet. And since this is a daily journal as much as it is a photography exercise, the bird is definitely the winner today. 

Today was a busy day in weird way in that I was out in the car doing errands with quick stops home. I had to go to the stove shop for some pins for a tube on the top of the wood stove. At the shop, the guys made it sound like this was an easy task. However, they neglected to sell me the "special" tool to hold the pin in place to be able to hammer it. Then that became the least of my worries when a baffle plate dropped. My son and I were trying to go by the schematics to put it back together. We gave up and I left a message with the store to find out if they had service calls to help. But after supper when we both felt that the house was getting too cool, my son tried again. He got a bit frustrated, but was determined to figure it out and read the directions on how to put the baffle back in. Funny thing those directions, sometimes it pays to read them rather than rely on a picture. He fixed it so we could use the stove tonight and we just have the problem of getting the pins back in the tube. 

Late getting to the blog today, and tomorrow is another busy day as I get ready for my trip down south. Today my son let me try his Wacom Bamboo tablet to draw on in photoshop elements. Oh, my, it is so nice to use in the program, especially as a brush, since I am using a pen on a tablet to mimic the brush strokes. I am so excited that I can bring it with me to practice with in Florida. 
Here is a beautiful Iris that will soon be blooming in 2 months. Using the tablet made this easier tonight to clean up around the edges. This is my favorite flower picture!

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