Sunday, March 02, 2014

Mischievous Cat

Mischievous Cat
3/2 Photograph Cat in the Hat
A Book / A Rhyme / A Mischievous Animal

The prompt today was to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and I got to use a picture of a mischievous animal. This is Mini who was asleep under the blanket with her archenemy Punky sleeping just about on top of her. I didn't realize it until was I leaning on the blanket and felt a movable lump. I did edit the picture to take out the scratch on her nose that I think one of the cats gave her this morning. Here is the real picture, now don't you feel sorry for her?

To get the cat pictures, I cheated and put out some cat nip on the scratching boxes and in one of their toys. Unfortunately, some of those pictures did not turn out due to the flecks of cat nip on the cats as they rolled in the stuff. It wasn't all about getting the picture of a cat, the photography lesson was the rule of thirds, having the subject off centered. Look at the picture and see where your eyes first look and then where do you look?

I got the cats in all sorts of poses this morning. And yes, there are only 4. They are getting along better now that I use a feliway diffuser in the dining room where they have their cat hang out. The diffuser is like a an air freshner and emits a relaxing cat hormone. I know, sounds hokey, but it does work. The smallest cat is the one that the others fight with and she usually avoids them. With the diffuser, she will now stay in the same room with them and will eat her treat in the kitchen instead of us having to bring it to her perch on the top of the cat hangout. 

I am back in Massachusetts for a visit with my parents and had the most delicious dinner of roasted chicken. It's always better when someone else cooks. Then we had homemade blueberry pie and there are homemade oatmeal cookies. I may have to try to get a walk in tomorrow afternoon to work off the calories from today. 

And today's flower photo is from last summer at my aunt's cottage, Foxglove. 

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