Monday, January 20, 2014


Upset- Tipped off the sled, and upset when she realized her jacket was full of snow
1/20 Photograph Upset
Unhappy / Troubled / Tipped over

I need to be more careful when reading the photo prompt for the day as I missed the tipped part of the prompt. How can I photo upset when today was a good day, up to a certain point, but more about that later. L is a good egg about the photo prompts and when we were on our very long walk through the woods today, we tried to figure out how to stage upset. Turned out to be easy, but she was very upset to find out that her sleeve flaps were open and now her jacket was full of snow.  This weeks' photos also need to have composition in mind and I think this picture is good, as L is off to the side in a 1/3 of the photo.  Our walk today was intended to be more of a work out, fast walking on the trails and longer to make up for yesterday's food during the football game. We walked 4 miles, well, I walked 4 miles, L did some sledding down the hills.

I came home and made some vegetable soup and salad to have for the next couple of days when L called with an invitation to go Cross Country skiing with another friend. I rounded up all of the equipment and met L and K at the fields. All was good until I fell on my butt coming down a hill, it was a solid fall and I am now sitting on ice for the night. Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting when I get out of bed! I fell early on and muscled through the skiing which was enjoyable except for the twinges I was getting and I made myself ski as much as possible, because I am not so sure another 4 mile walk is doable tomorrow! 

Good new on the photography front, I got my first critique from the instructor for the Photoshop element class and I learned some techniques for highlighting and shadows. (Which I did below, you can't tell, but in the original photo, the woods are very dark). Also, the pose photo from two days ago was chosen as the photo of the day! ( See this post for the details.)

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