Sunday, January 19, 2014


                                     Abandoned: Pipe in the middle of the town woods
1/19 Photograph Abandoned
Castoff / Neglected / Dumped

I woke up to more snow this morning and a date for a walk in the woods at 9 AM. L and I go to the town woods which are near her house where there are trails for snowmobiling and walking. When I told both her and my husband the prompt for the day, they both said the same thing, "the pipes in the woods." There are three pipes just lying in the middle of the woods, nothing else near them to indicate that they are part of a project. Definitely fits the category of abandoned for the day. I chose to do it in black and white for a contrast with the snow, I think it makes it look more decrepit. 

The other choice that I thought of today was our Christmas tree that we leave out by our front door. It's right by the bird feeder to provide some of the birds with a safe place to eat. 

The birds provide some entertainment for our cats, only when they are bored. It's a shame the cats can't scare the squirrels away when they are taking over the feeders.

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