Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recipe Clean Up - When it's Time to Let Go

It all began with the Kitchen Aid Mixer, today was a day off with the morning spent doing fun stuff like getting my teeth cleaned and then getting home quickly for the chimney sweep to come and "do his thing". While the chimney guys were cleaning the chimney and checking it all out, I went looking for Aunt Eloise's Molasses cookie recipe to make a batch of cookies. This past weekend, I had made molasses cookies with a recipe from a cookbook and in a phone call yesterday, my mother mentioned Aunt Eloise's recipe which I thought I had.

Off to the recipe box, 1/2 cards and then 1/2 folded papers, newspaper articles and cut out recipes. The cards were fine, but I decided to weed out the "never in this world" will I need this recipe. During the cleaning, I put together a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors and saved some of the favorite recipes. I also have a ratty folder with some recipes and went through those also. In the midst of my cleaning, I noticed that family favorites were the most stained cards, Bisquick Quiche, Taco dip, Apple cake and Burger Noodle Bake. With the instant availability of the internet, I wonder if my kids will have a recipe card box...How organized are you with your recipes?

Oh, and that recipe from Aunt Eloise? Never found, but I did find a great Chocolate Cookie recipe and the added peanut butter chips make them delicious! I actually think that my mother emailed me the recipe and it's on my computer. It's time to start printing some of those recipes out. As convenient it is to have the recipes electronically, there's something about that written recipe right in front of me that I don't want to give up.


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  2. Funny I was just talking about my recipes tonight with my sister and mom at dinner. I have a vegetable lasagna recipe that I tore out of a magazine in 1982. Don't really need it to make it, but I always pull it out just to be sure I don't forget something like the cheese. lol
    I'm much like you and like my old beat up stained copies they show how much you've used them. The clean ones, I might as well throw out.

  3. I have a bunch of recipes in all forms. I also have many cookbooks.

    I tried and tried to get a measly 2 photos with a bit of poetry up on that scrapblog. It took me forever to teach myself how to get anything up.

    NOW, I can't figure how to link it. The first try, I said, link to my blog but it put it on my benches blog since that was at the top of the list at that moment. sigh. Deleted that.

    Then I made the 2nd photo with poetry and I still can't link it. It just takes the viewer to the main page where you sign in. How are people supposed to be able to see other people's?

    I can't figure out how to change the font color. Yes, I did read the FAQ page. sigh

    It's just the thing I want for my photo poetry page but it might be more trouble than worth unless there is a secret to doing it.

  4. Well, I tried again and did it but the photos are so tiny and the words so dark so I will have to try to do better another time. Didn't want black words but that's how they came out. Anyway, I posted about it on my blog today if you care to look.

  5. The binder is a great idea.

    I found I was losing all recipes - I'd get some from the internet or people would write them out and I'd misplace them.

    I started a blog for my recipes - I kept it private as I don't have permission to share them with the whole world - but it's a great way for me to keep track of them. The best part is you put labels so everything is sorted by category. It's a work in progress.

  6. I never have found an excellent way to put together my recipes. And, I've lost more than one favorite recipe.

    A librarian friend of mine showed me some recipe scrapbooks she was making as Christmas gifts, and I was sooo darned jealous. I wish I was so motivated.

    You are making me hungry!

  7. Well, I still don't have all the kinks worked out from scrapblog but I have 4 entries up and also put on my blog but the words are too tiny since they don't enlarge so had to do a regular blog for them too. sigh

    I stil haven't figured out how to link my blog so all can see it there instead of on my regular blog. That is, I took the link but how do I know if people can get there since it takes me to the page where I had to have a password to work on it. lol

    I'll keep trying. Another thing, they advertise you can print your own pages but you go there and it isn't available yet. You can only get the paid pages now. sigh

  8. I wrote about you on my post Sunday. Come and se what I said.


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