Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Today was a rainy day here and after making banana bread and molasses cookies with my new mixer, I did not do much of anything else except meander around the internet. (Well I did fold some laundry and cleaned the kitchen....) It was interesting to look at my site statistics to see if there are any readers out there besides the few that I know come by and read this blog. Based on the semi-anonymous nature of this blog, there are limitations to what I can really write about without stirring the pot of my life. Right now, I have a whopper of a vent just stewing in me, but it will never be on the blog. Just know that I am a deeper person than seen on J's thoughts and musings.

In the vein of being random, I found the following website, Scrapblog, which I thought was a great waste of time. What I really liked about it, was how easy it was to use with flickr photos and that I was able to manipulate photos and elements. I would rate it as a 9 on a scale of 1-10 for websites that entertain. (Shelly and Rock Chick, I just didn't have the patience to do the sand, I gave up after getting a 1/3 done at )

Time now to get back to knitting and finish up my second sock on my second pair. It's so true the procrastination that occurs when there is a pair of something being knitted.


  1. Now you have me curious . . . hehehehehe

    You could blog about those things. Just make it a private blog where only you post and only you can read it. It will list the name in your profile page but noone can comment or read if you make it that way.

  2. Um, that sand website is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ohhh...that scrapblog looks like a great way to fritter away useless HOURS online! LoL...just what *I* need!

  4. That is neat!

    I hope whatever is bothering you gets better soon. I blog the same way and it's sometimes hard to post about what is going on. Now my teenaged daughter reads my blog and it's even more difficult to be open about what is bugging me.

  5. Hmmm. That "vent" you have piling up sounds interesting. Maybe you need another blog LOL. I hope you have someone you can vent all that business to. I used scrapblog a little a long time ago, but never caught on enough. YOU did a fine job with it, though.

    And no worries. It's much more productive than the sand thing...


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