Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #37, Holiday Foods

Welcome to my 13 Favorite Holiday Foods, in of course no particular order.

I have been blessed to have a mother who cooks well, I mean really well! Every Christmas Day, we say please, no, but she remembers our favorites and includes them every Christmas.

1. Stained Glass cookies are my ultimate favorite, I think I am only one who loves them, maybe because there is genetic mutation and my kids don't like coconut. Their loss, my gain....literally. This All recipe version has pecans and my mom makes these with walnuts.

2. Scallops wrapped in bacon.

3. Chicken wings- Apricot jam, onion soup mix and Catalina salad dressing, though a search for this recipe showed a lot of recipes using Russian Dressing.

4. Seven layer bars- Who was the heathen who invented this decadent oh so sweet dessert? Another one that I pick at all day long. I think the recipe is on the Eagle brand can of Sweetened condensed milk.

5. Figs- Why I don't buy them during the year?

6. Lasagna- Not an every year meal, but my Mom learned how to make lasagna from her good friend who we call Mrs. Botticelli and is our honorary aunt. Their version is all cheese and eggs, you know, the good stuff.

7. Taco Dip- My kids insist that Christmas is not complete without it, after Weight watchers last year, I approach this dip with trepidation. Spread Softened 1 large cream cheese on bottom of 13x7 casserole dish, Scramble/cook 1 lb of lean hamburg, drain fat, add one 12 oz bottle of Salsa (regular, not thick)--> Spread this over the cream cheese, Spread 1.5 cups of Shredded cheddar cheese and 1.5 cups of shredded Monteray Jack Cheese on top of meat. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes, Serve hot with nacho chips. I admit not the healthiest dip going, but five stars with these boys.

8. Clam dip- This is from my husband's side and there is much critiquing of this dip based on who made it, Poppa, Sister or Brother. Another winner with the boys.

9. Cocktail meatballs- Grape jelly, chili sauce, onion soup mix and meatballs

10. Chocolate Cream Pie- I swear my Mom makes three of these. With real whipped cream and real milk in the cook on the stove pudding.

11. Gingerbread Cookies- Before our life with cats, the boys and I used to make a huge, simple gingerbread house with lots and lots of candy. I would make enough gingerbread to have a lot of cookies afterwards. Our first cat just enjoyed the sweets a bit too much.

12. Company French Toast- This is our Christmas ( and Easter ) morning meal, it's made the night before and I personally like it best as a leftover.

13. Shrimp- The dieter's holiday friendly food.

What is your ultimate holiday food?

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  1. Oh what a yummy post! Happy TT...

  2. #2 sounds delicious!

  3. I couldn't find many of the things from your list that I like. . . so you are safe with me except for the stained glass cookies.

    I always make popcorn balls, hundreds of sugar cookies iced, fudge and sometimes divinity which I love more than fudge.

    I am so far behind in baking for Christmas -- I better move it.

  4. Those stained glass cookies look pretty good! And the 7 layer things. Yum! I love your TT graphic.

  5. I'll bet I gained 5 pounds just reading this post. It sure was good. Have a great TT. :)

  6. My mom always made Clam Dip for New feels weird NOT to have it so I made it this past year (she passed in 2005).

    Thanks for visiting!

  7. Oh yeah, GREAT list. I could live for eternity on taco dip. I'm so WEAK!

  8. That's a really cool list, Jenny -- because it's different. I was expecting ham and all the usual stuff, and this is far from it.

    I'm digging it for having the guts to be different. Kudos to your mom -- and to you guys for wanting such a neat variety!!

  9. No cheese ball?

    The Pink Flamingo

  10. Thanks for sharing all those yummy recipes. Now I'll go back and look at them all...

  11. All seem yummy to me. I'd love to get some stained glass cookies. Never tried them before :)

  12. Those all sound so wonderful I wouldn't know where to begin!

  13. secret agent mama9:47 AM

    Mmmmm A Yummy Post!! :D

    My TT!

  14. You are KILLING me here! Gotta go get some coffee and donuts or something! Happy TT
    This Eclectic Life
    I hate the new Blogger feature that makes me have to type all this code! It's inhospitable.

  15. They all sound yummy except for the chicken wings. I just dont think there is enough meat there to curb anyones appetite. #1 sounds simply heavenly. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

  16. Yummy!!!!!! I saw those first cookies at a craft fair on Saturday and wondered what they were. Now I know and I just might have to make them. :)

    My Thursday Thirteen is up too! :)

  17. I'm with your kids - I don't like coconut either. Some of the rest of this stuff sounds really good though.

    Happy TT! :-)

  18. I am thankful when I look at these recipes that I don't cook or have the facilities to cook, because every single thing on this list appeeals to me. "Stained glass cookies"....I have never heard of them and yet I feel that I know them all too well.

    My favorite holiday foods are oyster dressing (for turkey), sweet potato pudding (pudding, not pie), and something my grandmother used to make called ambrosia. I think they're all regional (as in South Carolina) treats; I haven't seen or heard of them here in Florida.

    thanks for visiting ours!

  19. I'm not a fan of clams or scallops, but everything else on your list sound delicious!

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  20. It's all about the German Stolen that a local woman makes, wraps in tinfoil and sells at our healthfood store. And my friend Jayn's mincemeat pie.

  21. #9! I never thought about those as Christmas food, but come to think of it, this is the only time of year we get to nosh on those! Loooove 'em.

  22. I can't find a one that I would pass on!!

  23. My dad's biscuits and gravy. Mmmm...but you're right, the seven layer bars are heavenly. :)

  24. There was no way that I could read your list on an empty stomach. Otherwise, I would have cleaned out the fridge afterwards.

    One of my favorite holiday foods are ham or turkey rolls. My sister used to make them, but I believe she has passed on the duties to her daughter. The trays on which they are placed are usually empty very quickly.


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