Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tales from The Dentist's Chair

As I begged kindly asked for some novacaine for my gold crown, I had time to think about dental work and worse case possible dental scenarios while waiting for the numbing to occur. Two weeks ago, I had a reaction to the epinephrine where my heart began racing. The thoughts that went through my head that time was, oh crap, I'm having a heart attack and I'll just wait it out, b/c I don't want to go to the ER with a 1/2 tooth. Then when my breathing remained fine, I was getting curious about my blood pressure, however, it wasn't until the end that I finally said anything to my dentist. He told me that it was a reaction to the epinephrine and that it wasn't common. His comment was, "Did it feel like your heart was going to beat itself out of your chest?" Well, actually, yes.

So back to this afternoon's dark thoughts, I asked if patients ever sneezed during procedures. They said sure, but they usually have warning. But the worse is when the power goes out. Oh great, hadn't thought of that one. Sure will remember that dark thought the next windy day at the dentist. And how was your day?


  1. Both of my sisters are TERRIFIED of the dentist, so I won't share your story over Thanksgiving dinner. But I hope you're feeling better. And that your blood pressure and heart rate are are within the normal range (90/50 - 180/100 and 50 to 200 bpm; I have my handout from Lifesource here on my desk).

  2. Gosh that must have been a horrible feeling!!!!! Why didn't they give you a handout of possibilities?

    Glad you made it through safely.

    I am doing fine except busy. On my way to the post office now!

  3. BTW, you asked me about watching the tutorials for scrapblog. You mean you couldn't tell the difference between my last ones and the first one?

  4. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Dentist's offices can be a little scary sometimes :( Hope you are doing better...

    I am your SOAB spoiler. I do APOLOGIZE that you have not received your package yet. I'm very sorry...can you forgive me a tad bit? I am in process of making sure I have everything for you and finding an escape to get to the post office. November has been a very, very rough month...and I will be glad when it is over. Once again, I do apologize that you have had to wait. Things unfortunately have happened this month that I've had no control of.

  5. I have to admit I almost didn't read the post when it popped up checked my reader - dentist...yikes! Brings up all sorts of feelings and memories, which are never the warm and fuzzy kind.

    So glad it was just a reaction to the drug - how scary!!!!

  6. Well, I of course came home and googled the reaction right away. It's just a matter of where the injection of novacaine goes in. Of course the people I work with ( all medical) thought the idea of not saying anything was dumb. But it's all good now. I am so fortunate to have a great dentist, the one I had as a kid was awful.


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