Monday, December 03, 2007

Mom I just want to practice

It was bound to happen, three boys living in New Hampshire, one of them was going to enjoy snowboarding. Bub got a season's pass to a local ski area since his new friends all snowboard and this is what they do on the weekends. Really, it could be worse.

But after making it through three days of first time snowboarding without an injury, I thought we were doing okay. Especially since one of his friends also a new snowboarder went out yesterday for the first time and ended up with a broken wrist. So tonight after helping his brother shovel the snow, Bubs wanted to practice in the backyard, no problem, wussy hill, powder snow, what could be wrong with that?

Ah yes, the stupid gene kicked in and when I looked out back and didn't see him, and then looked out front where he was getting ready to go down the driveway, I slightly went ballistic. Yep, did the Joan Crawford Mommy dearest routine. Told him that there was no way in hell that I was going to take him to the ER tonight if he broke anything. Talk about flirting with disaster, coating of snow on asphalt and one tired 14 year old. Told him to come on in, enough was enough. Going to be a long winter.......And yes,that's really how he dressed to go out shoveling, I give up when it comes to dressing. Already had that battle today.


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  2. bsmommy99.wordpress.com11:56 AM

    My 8 year old and I both snowboard...just make sure to get him to wear a helmet! And maybe even get him to take lessons...that might help ease YOUR fears even more. And hey, he's being active! :) Best of luck!


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