Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bragging Rights= Blogging Achievement

Simone at All Tips and Tricks has a writing contest going on where bloggers wrote about their best blogging achievement. There are seven entries and the rules for voting are simple: "I want to thank you all nine people for your great articles, and I invite you to read them all, and give your vote to the three of them you liked most (just make a short post on your blogs, and I’ll check them all out to count the votes). I kindly ask you to do this by December 15th, the latest. After that, I’ll publish the results, award the prizes and open up the champagne, so we can celebrate and enjoy."

Shelly, my very first blogging friend has written about her Share a Square project. In writing about this project, Shelly hopes to win the first prize of $100 to be able to pay for postage and supplies that has gone along with this project. My first vote goes to Shelly's blogging achievement post, because of Shelly's dedication and ability to gather squares and support from bloggers around the world to crochet squares to make afghans for children with cancer. On a personal note, this project has given me the chance to learn how to crochet squares, and get my friend, her daughter and my mother involved. I think between the four of us, we may have made about 300 squares. It has been addicting. This project and Shelly's post are definitely worth bragging about in my book as a blogging achievement.

My next two votes go to two other bloggers that I have on my Google Reader, Pearl over at Interesting Observations wrote about the people that she has met. Her blog has evolved over the year into a very professional blog that has still retained her warm personality. Pearl's blogging achievement is that she enjoys interacting with people from around the world.

Vivien at Inspiration Bit is way to modest in her best blogging achievement, and kept it to a personal level where she feels that her best blogging achievement is within the personal relationships that she has made through blogging. I say way to modest only in that she has hosted two very fun writing contests, Sources of Inspiration and Time Management Strategies which had a lot of participation.

In reading these blogging achievements, it really does come down to the people you "meet" and the interactions of others to your work.


  1. Simonne2:17 PM

    Thank you, Jenny, I recorded your vote. I hope you'll also participate with an article in my future group writing projects.

  2. Pearl3:17 PM

    Awww.. you are too kind Jenny :) thank you so much for the vote! I agree with you a 100% on Shelly's achievements! being able to influence so many people in the blogosphere in doing something of so much value, definitely has my vote also!

  3. Sweet friend, you KNOW I appreciate you. Without you and your support, this project would never have gotten off the ground. Thanks for casting a vote. Right now, I have about six packages (including yours) ready to mail after the holidays. That cash will sure make a dent in the postage!!
    Happy Holidays to you.
    ThisEclectic Life

  4. Very good choices. . . Great job making all those squares also and getting more family members to participate.

  5. inspirationbit11:44 AM

    oh, thanks for your kind words, Jenny. Without my loyal readers and friends both those group projects of mine would never have gotten the attention and participation they received. You're absolutely right - it all comes down to the people you meet.
    Wow, I'm impressed - 300 squares for Shelly's project. Way to you. Kudos to you and of course, Shelly.


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