Wednesday, October 03, 2007

#33 Thursday Thirteen Random Musings

Thursday Thirteen.....Why are some weeks easier than others?
I present to you, 13 random musings.

1. Tonight is the start of the Baseball Playoffs and we are in Red Sox Nation. I will now say nothing, because here in New England, we are very aware of good vs. bad karma and the role of the Red Sox in the universe.

2. There are 33 Time Management posts linked at Inspiration Bit from the last writing project. I was reading through a few last night and I liked reading about getting up early to have more time, but just not seeing that in my future anytime.

3. I didn't catch the Oprah show last week when she had Michael Moore (Sicko) and a Health insurance lobbyist. Did anyone see the show? I did get to watch excerpts at the website and wish that I had taped the show. Why did I think I would be able to get home to watch it?

4. Same day as Oprah, there were some blog links from CNN regarding health care insurance and I found this great blog, Every Patient's Advocate which is a well written blog that covers health care issues.

5. I am sorry (not really), but thought I might get away with this next one by apologizing first. Want to see Paris squirm? I heard about this David Letterman interview on the radio and yes, it was worth watching. What did we ever do before the internet when we missed these moments on tv?

6. Chlamydia, like how I just threw that in randomly? Well that's my life for this month as I set up appointments with all the offices that send us specimens to switch their collection containers. And you think I just drive kids around, watch sports, read, crochet and blog, ha!

7. Now I am feeling Internet guilt, because someone is going to google chlamydia and may end up let me point you to a better site for chlamydia information, STD Facts- Chlamydia (CDC). Hey, this almost became a TT13 about chlamydia which I doubt would rate up there with my TT 13 about Bodily Functions ( Farts).

8. In two days, our cats may be getting some new friends if the kittens pass their Feline Leukemia Tests. It's a home adoption and I doubt it will be a problem. You know there will be pictures soon.

9. I read two Jennifer Crusie books this weekend, Welcome to Temptation and Fast Women which were both enjoyable. Fun reads! A little weak in secondary characters and their involvement, but the main characters are a riot.

10. Shelly, God bless her, is sharing her secrets again over at This Eclectic Life...or is she enticing us to show her that she isn't alone? Here is my medicine cabinet, which I think looks pretty good. Which leads me to ...

11. It's not my cabinet that holds all my secrets, it's the area around my sink. Can I just say that I love having a parent only bathroom which keeps prying eyes out of my beauty regimen. My friends consider the hair stuff all one big joke, no matter what product or brush used, my hair is straight.

12. Summer is back in NH, it's going to be in the low eighties the next two days and I am determined to get out in the kayaks this Saturday morning before the football game.

13. This blog broke the 5000 mark and I wish I knew how to figure out who was the lucky reader. Does it count when people have you on readers, like Google reader?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I was Googling for chlamydia and couldn't believe that your name popped up number one! No, I'm lying. Hey, your medicine cabinet looks good! Your sink, however is atrocious! LOL! I didn't show you my, sink, did I? That's because it's about 5 times worse than yours! Good TT, my friend. Very eclectic. You know I like that.
    Mine isn't up yet, but will be in the a.m., so I pretended I had joined already.

  2. I can hardly wait to see your new kitties photos!

  3. I saw that Letterman/Paris clip a few days ago. I don't feel remotely sorry for her.

  4. I don't have a medicine cabinet. Maybe I should make one for the band? That could be fun...

    And did you know that there's a proper way to play cymbals in a marching band? I kid you not.

    Happy TT, babe!

  5. ahhhh autumn in NH, always lovely!

  6. LOL, what a great TT!!! Especially about chlamydia. ;)

    Happy TT!!!!

  7. Thats alot of random thoughts...i think that happens to all of us women. I wish I got home in time for Oprah. I really miss her show and havent ventured out to get a TVO yet. Great list and thanks for stopping by.

  8. i never get to watch O either! great list!

  9. Thanks for sharing the Paris/Letterman link. I almost felt sorry for her :)

  10. Love your sink. It's good to know I'm not the only "clutter bug."

    The MLB playoffs start today? Really? I hadn't heard …

  11. I hate to miss Oprah, too

  12. What a great TT -- you covered lots of info!! and just an FYI -- doesn't the Oxygen Channel carry Oprah reruns later in the evening?? I'm not sure if everyone gets that channel or not!

  13. Hey, I recognized that cat!!! Thanks for the shout out.

    I'm mucho impressed, you were actually able to write after that extremely busy week. I've just been mental mush by the end of the day and haven't been able to type a cohesive sentence, so I surf and computer doodle. I think I'll bookmark this post so I can visit all the links you gave us. Do I have to read about chlamydia?

    Your sink isn't that cluttered, you just don't have a big enough vanity.

  14. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Oh, I'm so excited about your #8 -- I hope the little kitties get a clean bill of health, and you'll have to tell us how things go introducing them to the resident kitties!

    I enjoyed reading your list -- Happy T13, and thank you for visiting mine!

  15. I love random lists! This is a great one!

  16. Great list - and I am NOT taking a picture of my bathroom counter space. Wait I have no counter - just this tiny shelf and a mirror - maybe I SHOULD take a picture.

  17. Yes i to like those little debbie pumpkins, thanks I will add that on my list!

    This is a nice list! Thanks for stopping by!

  18. How many times can Beckett pitch?

    I think Paris had one great acting role, but it involved night vision.

    I can't share my medicine cabinet, since we just cleaned it up

  19. I did a TT on time management, well in meals anyway. My bathroom counter looks like that almost on occasion, then my daughter comes in and cleans it up. I can't help but love her. Great TT with lots of links.

  20. Go Sox! And I did see Moore on Oprah and it was a very interesting discussion. He knows his facts, for sure. Has done his homework. :) Summer is also back here in Nova Scotia with temps hovering in the mid-to-high 70's today and it's humid. Ugh. Great TT!

  21. i saw the Oprah hmmm it was .... interesting

  22. Your random thoughts are hilarious! Happy T13, mine is up AF Wife

  23. My sink too. It's all on the OUTSIDE

  24. Haha... I always love random lists. Yay for new kitty friends! I hope they get a clean bill of health.

  25. If you could see my sink, you'd think yours was a barren wasteland. And it's not even surrounded by hair products. No - Batman collectibles! Doesn't every bathroom have that problem?

  26. Go BoSox!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  27. I'm wondering if Paris had chlamydia, would she show us her medicine cabinet? LOL

    I'm going to have to show my kitchen cabinet because, believe it or not, I don't have a medicine cabinet in my house...

    The hubby is glued to the TV right now for the playoffs...Da Cubs, of course :)

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock CHick

  28. My medicine is everywhere except where I need it at the time. I have it in cupboards, in the bathroom, in my bedroom and in my purse.

    Fun list - I'm planning on a gift for the person who reaches my 10,000 visit.

    Do you use google analytics? I think they might be able to track it.

    Oh BTW, I tagged you.

  29. i'm new to the thursday thirteen group. just wanted to say hi! nice tt!

  30. I heard a portion of the Paris Hilton interview on Letterman. Although he was relentless, I don't feel sorry for her.

    Even though I am not a big Red Sox fan, I still hope that they beat the Indians. Being a fan of both The Tigers and the Pistons, I am a little bitter towards "The Mistake By the Lake". Plus, I heard some horrible stories regarding Cleveland fans' treatment of Detroit fans.


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